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Want a Guinea Pig(s) new guineas


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Mar 18, 2012
so my friend has had an accident pregnancy in her herd, and has ended up with 3 girls, keeping one offered to sell me the other 2, iv been going to see them taking them veggies and what not, and id love them, but my problem is space...my pigs are in a store bought cage with a large pen attached, we can make another to quarentine them but with 4 pigs thats double the veggies we already have and extra hay, and im not sure they would all bond well either, i dont know what to do. id love to take them on but its such a big thing , any thoughts please ❤️

this is a piccy of them both !❤️

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Omg they are just adorable. They both are females? How old are they? I would love to have one. I dont know what state you live in. I hope you find them a good home. You can always give them to a shelter or rescue place near you if you have to
yes i sexed them myself and they are 10 week old! just adorable and im in england :) bit far :p
Hopefully a rescue because shelters too often don't take good care of piggies, they don't know how to! When I got my girls from a shelter, they hadn't seen hay or a veggie the whole time they were there.
well i do hope to keep them, if i can work things out, otherwise she will sell them to someone else i presume
awww Good Luck and hopefully they will end up with you if possible
try bringing the pigs home, to see if they get along. And honestly, owning four guinea pigs proably isn't that much different then owning two, cost wise. Yes they would need a bigger cage, but after that it's just hay and veggies, which really isn't THAT expensive, depending where you get it etc.
yes its just space thats the big problem, thats why im using a big run until i can afford a C&C,
PLEASE don't underestimate the need for a large enough cage. when they're little, it can be deceptive to think they're fine in a smaller space. the bigger the space, the happier the pigs, the healthier they are (plenty of running room) and the less likely they are to squabble.

also, be prepared with a Plan B, in case the pigs end up not getting along. sometimes, during a meet and greet, they may appear to get along okay, but, especially as younger pigs go through puberty, things may change. you may end up having to have more than one cage.

they are sooooo cute, and it's a wonderful thing that you're thinking about adopting them. just take your time and really think things through. once you bring them home, i'm sure you want to keep them, and make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible!
oh yes i know thank you, the run we made for our girls is really large takes up quite an amount of space, and we can easily make a second, like i said its tempoary until we get a c&c cage, and yes i know about them not getting along it is a worry of mine! i really wanna help these piggies i know they would go to someone who would house them outside as the only person that asked her about em said he would!
so we brought the girls home yesterday, i hadnt realised how tiny they were compared to mine, they have settled in just fine and are running around playing flick the poop! ive decided to call them frickle and einey(einstein)
They are very vute, and good luck! My 2 female piggies took about a month to get used to 2 new girlie friends, but they all are bonded now. If you're going to keep them, I think you should get them all together after quarantine.
yes thats the plan, i cant wait to introduce them all!
i loooove their ears!......both of them are very cute, good luck and congrats!
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