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New Guinea Pigs Parents


Cavy Slave
Jun 5, 2012
We just got Daysi on the 28th of April for my dear daughter's birthday. My son wanted to get one as well,, and, since they said it was better to have more than one, we got Samantha. My son wanted a male and we told him it was better to get two females so he just called her Sammy; "it sounds like a boys name", he said lollol We want to make sure We give our babies the best!!! We love them and we want to make sure they get the best care. So far they eat the pet store food (Kaytee hay and pellets and healthy select pellets), Which is the best bedding? They are in our children's bedroom, we want to learn what is best for our girls. We welcome any help/advice that any of you can give us. We are very happy that we found this site.
Do you have a C&C cage?

Once we know that we can answer your questions more thoroughly I believe.

Also, bedrooms generally aren't good spots for Guinea Pigs.
Congrats on ur beautiful girls. This is the best website you can possibly find. I am a first guinea pig owner as well with my 2 boys and this site has been a god send whenever I need info this is the first place I come. I suggest exploring the whole site it's got info on everything I'm still finding new ideas and info all the time.Guinea pigs love fresh vegies here is the page on what to give them and how often https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...poisonous-plants-list.html?prefixid=Nutrition .It's definitely a good idea to go for a C&C cage because then you can make it fit to the room you have it in and then they've got plenty of room. Oxbow pellets are pretty good my boys love them so you could give them a try if you want as well. Guinea Pigs are really social so if it's possible try moving them into a room you frequent as much as possible because it's really nice to see them and they'll be happy to see u 2 but if you can't move them then just make sure you talk to them heaps. I could go on forever but the best thing you've done is find this site. I hope this has helped have fun with your girls and good luck! :)
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