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new guinea pigs owner advice please ;-0


Cavy Slave
Apr 11, 2012

Just had the addition of 2 new piggies to our family! they are 2 boars from a rescue centre. They will let us feed them and one will let you stroke him and we have picked him up couple times but the other darts all round the place with a high piched squeek and doesnt want to be touched at all! but we need to groom them, especialy as one has long hair (marino), we have picked him up and tried to groom but he squeeked as if it hurt :eek:hmy:. even though he has been regularly groomed at the rescue centre.

We have also put them onto fleece, i have washed the fleece a few times but there seems to be alot of staining already does this mean its not working?
Food wise they are having quarter cup of pellets and couple hand full of veggies a day plus unlimited hay is this about right?
we already love our piggies and want them to be happy and healthy! any help wuld be very much appreciated please :)
The darting and squeaky piggy very well may just be nervous yet. Guinea pigs are very skittish when first placed into a new environment. Just give him time I am sure he will adjust after lots of care and loving attention :) ... Be very gentle while grooming him. If he is really knotted sometimes it is better to just cut out the knots instead of trying to comb them and then try and keep him from not knotting up again... If he is not knotted and just giving you a fuss then he is probably just nervous around new people. There are also lots of long haired guinea pigs that just don't really love to be groomed haha... so he may just be giving you a hard time. How to groom a long haired Peruvian Guinea Pig - Featuring Chew Chew - YouTube Here is a link to Laurapiggiepigpigs website. It is a video of her grooming her long haired piggy who is very tame, but does not like getting haircuts!! haha... She has a great website, and over 10,000 subscribers on youtube. I watch her ALL the time! .. also that sounds good for the food as long as the hay is timothy hay, and veggies should be about a cup per day per guinea pig :)
Hi thank you for the advice really helpful :)
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