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New Guinea Pig Owner


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May 27, 2012
Hey guys! I'm Sarah, I just recently got two guinea pigs a month ago. They are both babies and male and they are getting along great! Their names are Chester and Pete; Chester is around 22 weeks old while Pete is around 11 weeks. I have a 2X4 C&C cage and am wondering if i should expand it. I am also wondering if anyone has any cool accessories that they put in their cages that their piggies like. I currently have a wooden house, a tunnel, two water bottles, a food dish and treat dish, a dish for veggies/fruit, a hammock, and a wooden bridge thing.
Hello and Welcome Sarah! We are so happy for you to join us!:) You can go to the Craft portion on this website for a lot of great ideas for accessories. Let me know if you need anything :)
Welcome! You should post some pictures of your cage/piggies and people can give you some ideas. In my opinion the bigger the cage the better so if you want to expand your cage then go for it :)
Welcome! We'd love to see pictures of your piggies.

From the sounds of everything you've got in it, you might need to expand the cage! They need room to run around.
Males are more likely to fight than females if confined to a smaller space. Most people say the bigger the better for males. I have 2 females who do great in a 2x4 attached to another 1x2 area.

You don't need so many separate food dishes for everything, though. That will save some room. A 2x5 is the best way to go for 2 males, but of course, bigger is still better. You will have to wait for the piggies to hit puberty or start exhibiting signs of dominance before you can determine if you will have to extend, though. :)
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