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New Guinea Dad here


Cavy Slave
Apr 29, 2020
Hi guys!
We're new here and glad there's such a resource. We have 4 guineas (Graham, S'mores, Shadow, & Rex). We jumped in and bought 4 at once. Now we're panicking to get things right. We custom built cages out of wood & polywall from Home Depot. They're working pretty well but we've had to tweak a lot. We made them so they're modular and the pigs can run from one cage to another, or we can shut a door between them. Still very much a work in progress.

We found this resource because we were looking into an easier way to make our own fleece bed lining. We've made several pads out of Fleece (double-sided) and middle layer of towels. I don't think I've every sewn so much in my life!

Anyhow, nice to find a helpful site. See you out there!
Hello! Welcome to the forum :D

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/113176-Information-for-new-guinea-pig-owners

And I really hate to rain on your new parade, but multiple of boars almost never work out. Once they hit puberty, it's "Katy, bar the door." You should definitely be prepared to split them into two cages if it doesn't work out.

Also, boars need a LOT of space. Four boars will need about 14-16 square feet of readily accessible flat space, with no places for one pig to trap another, such as a hidey with only one door, or a ramp, or a narrow passage way.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!
Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm new here as well :) and have 2 boars myself. I use and love Guinea Dad for the fleece if you're ever looking to get a break from sowing
I've seen the Guinea dad liners and while they look great - they're much too expensive. $40 a pop is too rich for my blood. I'd need about 16 of them to start, possibly 20-30 total. I'm sure the prices is commensurate with the work involved producing them and it's normal to expect markup for profit. However I've found several people who don't even sew the fleece to their absorbent layer, and it makes for easier washing. That's what I'll be doing going forward. It's much easier and better for the $.

Thanks though!
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