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New from Kansas


Cavy Slave
Dec 24, 2009
Hi, I have recently adopted two sibling Abyssinian Guinea Pigs from the local shelter their names are Noelle and Harper they were born Dec. 1st, 2009 in a foster home. I was told her mom came from a backyard breeder and no longer wanted her, she came in the shelter pregnant. So far I have found out that Noelle and Harper love green bell peppers, and cilantro. They currently reside in a homeade wood built cage with wire (I found the idea from this forum) we're planning on building a bigger one as we are currently awaiting the grids from online as all of the Targets here sell the unsafe one for piggies. I have lurked here ever since the day after these two were born and have researched tons of stuff on Guinea Pigs (Mainly from this forum:)) So I hope to meet some new friends and learn stuff about Guinea Pigs.

Here is Noelle and Harper Together on the car ride home :)
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