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New Friend!!!


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Jun 23, 2005
Hoorah! It's finally time to introduce Queen to her new friend Lola! I've already quarentined her, so tonight when my friend comes over I'm going to introduce them! Now, Lola and Queen have met before-they're sisters! They've seen each other about every 4mo since they were born (1yr and a half). They get along together great everytime they see each other, so I don't have any big concerns. Lola has come from my friend's house, in a clean environment where she was never sick, and had one cage mate (still at my friend's house). I'm not worried about sickness or mites either. When I introduce them, I plan to put them on the floor together and let them establish rank, if need be. I will, of course, be watching closely. If they get along (I'm sure they will), then I plan on putting their cages together for the rest of the day, and then repeating the floor time later tonight. If they get along still, I'm going to put them in the same cage. Do you think this would be a good way to "introduce" them? Any tips or extra info would be great! Thanks!
Congratulations on the new friend! I'm sure they will get along fine since they sort of already know each other. It sounds like you have a good plan for introducing them.
Okay thanks Cherryrosed!
Yay for Queen! Congrats on your new cavy friend Lola! Can you post pigtures of her?
Yup, I will post some pigtures of them together once they get all settled in...and my digital camera batteries charge. XD
Once they get along try not to seperate them and do it again. It makes the introductions harder and more stressful.
Okay, slap_maxwell. So after they get along, I should just put them in the same cage together?
Just make sure the cage has just been cleaned and there are no scents of the old resident pig.
Don't worry, Slap, I just cleaned it about 20min ago, and I'm going to do the introductions in about 10min. I'll spot clean, too.
Let us know how the introductions go. I can hardly wait to see pictures!
Okay, they're all "introduced"! They didn't fight at all! I was so happy. Queen started popcorning right away, and Lola seemed happy too. They get along great, no fighting, no biting, no nothing! They love their big new cage as well! I'll upload some pics later!
Okay guys, well, everything went well and they were eating together and acting fine. Just now, though, (4hr after the initial intros) I went in to check on them and they were sort of chasing each other around. I thought nothing of it, until after I noticed that Lola laid down in the corner and Queen sort of walked away, with her teeth chattering a little bit. It was hardly noticeable, but I could hear it. Was this just a little fight to establish dominance? No actual fighting (sitting on haunches, raised hackles, biting, etc) occured, just the chase and teeth chatter.
Everything is totally normal. Watch in case they one won't let another eat or drink, or if they draw blood.
Okay, that's what I thought Slap_maxwell. Thanks for the reassurance. I have been watching closely. No blood has been drawn, and they ate/drank together earlier. I'll be on the look out though. How long do you think this behaviour will last? Is it safe for me to keep them in the same cage overnight? Thanks!
Well I introduced my two pigs and it took 2 hours just out of the cage, then I put them in their new 4x4 and they were ok. Tutu my newer pig was the boss and still is but they get along better now.
Okay thanks everyone. I've been keeping an eye on them, but all their chasing and the teeth chatter has stopped, and they've been doing well together. They played together at floor time, and lay next to each other on the tile in their cage. My avatar is a pigture of them. Isn't Lola a sweetie? I'll upload some more pigtures soon!
Okay, everyone seems to be doing well, although they're still a bit tense about each other. How long do you think this behaviour ("nose-offs", chasing, etc) will last? It isn't violent, but I just wondered.

Another thing, yesterday, after playing with Lola and Queen, I got a few hives on my cheeks. I didn't sneeze, no watery eyes, no nothing. Only the hives. And now they're completely gone. I don't see how I can be allergic. While I had Queen, I never got hives or anything, and it can't be the bedding because I've used the same bedding this whole time. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks.
I think it just depends on the piggies on how long it will last. My boys still do the chasing, sniffing, and humping daily. They've all been together for 2 1/2 weeks now.
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