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Behavior New friend


Cavy Slave
May 31, 2023
Ok so i have two guinea pigs, pepper almost 3 years old and potato who is a little over two. We are thinking of getting another guinea pig since i've been seeing a lot of posts videos and stuff about how guinea pigs like to be in big herds, but one family memmber says it's a bad idea and stuff. Hoping someone can give their personal experience and say if they think it's a good idea or not
Are pepper and potato males or females?
I know that it's said by some that it's bad to house piggies that are male but others say it's fine so I don't know
More than 2 males in one cage is almost always a recipe for disaster. You may end up with needing three cages as the current duo may not be able to live together anymore either.
Well I mean my two that live together right now are fine and we haven't gotten another one yet we are discussing it
Don't do it. More than two males fails about 99.5% of the time, which means you're nearly certainly guaranteed to have problems. Not only will the threesome probably not work, but you may break the bond between your original two and wind up with three solo pigs, none of whom will live with either of the other two.

If you want more pigs, then get another cage and get either two females, two males, or a mixed pair with at least one of them being neutered.
@Guinea Pig Papa tried the three males together......and it was NOT successful. I'll not spoil the story and let him fill you in on the details. Since he is a moderator here, he should be along soon.
I'm here, was working today. Thank you for the tag, @spy9doc

I had two boars, my original ones, Pooper and Sly. They weren't bonded, per se, but they tolerated each other and lived in relative harmony.

Pooper sadly passed away first, and left Sly alone. Sly was a senior boar when Poopy passed, about to turn 5. I had read repeatedly that three boars wouldn't work, but there was pair of three week old baby boars in my area that desperately needed a home and I had to take a chance. I thought that if the babies grew up with their Poppa Pig, that my boys would be the exception. And they were. It was absolute magic and they were all so adorable. For about five months.

Scooter and Punkin hit puberty, and Scooter still adored Sly. He always did and that never changed. But Punkin, as loveable and amazing as he was, wanted to be the boss pig. Sly was elderly, almost blind due to osseous metaplasia, and was generally submissive at this point. At first the bullying was mild, but it escalated, and quickly.

The last straw was Punkin chasing Sly, and actually latched onto Sly's back with his teeth as Sly ran from him, blindly running into cage walls and wooden object. I immediately separated them and Sly spent the rest of his days in an adjoining cage, where he could visit and talk to the boys but Punkin couldn't hurt him.

I'll also point out that Scooter and Punkin, littermates from the beginning, were among the most bonded pigs I have ever seen. From all outward appearances and for the rest of his life Punkin didn't have a mean bone in his body. He loved Sly, right up until his hormones changed. Even in an adjoined cage, Scooter would stand at the bars and visit with Sly, and it was so cool to see. But Punkin would always see that his buddy was forsaking him and he would always come up to the bars, grumbling, and herd Scooter away.

I got lucky. That one incident was the only serious one, and Sly suffered no injuries. It could so easily not have been the case. Guinea pig teeth can inflict major, and often fatal, damage. I've seen it here in other members pigs.

My advice is don't do it. If you have a happy, harmonious pair now, don't risk it.
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