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General new foster pigs: have some qts


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Sep 30, 2014
Well, I wasn't planning on having more pigs right away, but this pair found me! This is Ollie (Abbysinian, 7 mo) and his brother Gus (Peruvian, 9 mo).

Last Fri I got an email from the coordinator of the GP rescue in Knoxville saying that she needed help: she had adopted a pair out to someone who lives in Ringgold (about 30 minutes away from me) back in December. The adopter found that they could no longer keep the pigs, but didn't know when they could get them back to Knoxville (a good 2-hr drive). The coordinator asked if I could foster them for 4-6 weeks or so until a volunteer who goes to school in Huntsville could pick them up on her way home to Knoxville.

I do have a few questions:

1.) I did not realize until I met him that Gus is a Peruvian. I've never had one before. Any tips or reference material to teach me how to care for those luscious locks? I'd hate to chop it all off, but if it's something that ends up taking too much time, I'd do it just to keep him comfortable and sanitary.

2.) Ollie when he first arrived home, went pee, and it smelled REALLY rank! It was on fleece, so it soaked up before I got a good look at it, but I didn't see like any blood or anything unusual. Could it just be that he was maybe a little dehydrated from the drive? Hormones? Or do some boars have pee that just really stinks like that? None of the three boars I ever had before had stanky pee like this...

Anyway, I picked them up a few hours ago, and they are already settling in fabulously! Gus is very friendly and outgoing while Ollie is much shyer. It's nice to have some piggies in the house again, even if it's just for a little while. lol


Gus-Gus 1.jpg Ollie 1.jpg
Thanks for taking these guys in.

Boar urine doesn't smell much different than sow urine, unless the boar has a UTI. What you may be smelling is boar stank, which is what they emit when they're scent marking. It's pretty gross. And sometimes the pig gets it on himself and then he smells that way. I'd watch carefully to see if you can catch him peeing and see if that's what smells. You can also pick up the pig and sniff to see if it's the pig. If so, a bath should take care of it until he decides to perfume things again. And if it's the urine, then he needs a vet visit.

The only advice I have about the long hair is to keep the butt and undercarriage trimmed so it won't get nasty. But then, I'd have no qualms at all about chopping it all off.
Thanks for your reply, @bpatters The previous owners bathed them both yesterday, so they should be relatively clean. I have smelled boar funk before and watched my previous boars invert their sac and drag to mark. It's possible that Ollie did this too in the exact spot where he peed and I just missed seeing him do it. I haven't smelled it again and I'm sure he's peed since the first time, so hopefully, boar marking is all it was. :)
Sure sounds like boar marking to me. I have three of the little stinkers.

Thanks for taking them in, @LittleSqueakers. Especially so soon after losing Tribble. Must be very bittersweet for you.
It is rather bittersweet, but I'm happy to have some animals around again. It was hard that first week after Tribbie died. And something about not having animals around when you've always had animals... it disrupts your sense of home. Like, even the way my house is set up - the way things are arranged and organized - didn't even make sense without any animals living here. I felt profoundly unmoored. At least now things make sense again. I'm sure grateful these little boys found me, even if it's just temporary. :)
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