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New couches for Piggy!


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Oct 29, 2011
Hi everyone! For Piggy's first Christmas I decided to sew two new cozy couches! This is the normal one... New couches for Piggy! ...and this is the rounded one... New couches for Piggy!
If you want to do it for your piggies you need only fleece and foam rubber.
I took some pictures while i was doing the normal one so it's easier to understand how to make it.
Fisrt of all you need 2 squares of foam rubber (you can choose the shape and the size that you prefer) New couches for Piggy! With the first square you have to do the base of the couch, fold it in two like in the picture and put on it something heavy to mantein the shape.New couches for Piggy! Then, cut in two parts the second square, one of the parts will be the pillow of the couch, that you will sew to the base of it. New couches for Piggy! With the second part you'll do the armrests of the couch. Cut in two equal parts. https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/525/spa0061r.jpg/
Then cover all the parts with two layers of fleece and sew them toghether!
Here to you my boy on his new couch! https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/249/spa0064a.jpg/

I hope you liked that! :)
Thanks for sharing!
I so want to try this
It's pretty easy, I sewed all by hand.
I made them since 6 months! I also make hammocks, tunnels, cozy sacks and little houses :)
Wow! You should do a few videos on how to make your accessories, they are REALLY cool! Ah-Some Job! :D
That is so cute! And your GP looks like they are enjoying it!!
He absolutely loves them! lol
That is very cute. How well do they hold up in the washing machine? Or do you hand wash them?
I hand wash them because my mom doesen't want to wash Piggy's things in the washing mashine.. but i think that they won't fall apart :)
I really like this idea!! And i bet Ginger would loove it!!! Unfortunately, I don't know how to sew :(
Holy cow, _klakla_! You are TALENTED! :D I'm going to have to try this! :)
Oh, wow.
Those are lovely.
WOW. Those piggie couch's are totally awesome ! :cool: Very, very, nice job ! I can't wait to get crackin' on making my girls some couches and things too, with my new sewing machine !

( Well..it's not exactly "new" got it for my birthday in September...but haven't used it yet with the move, our consecutive birthdays, the holidays....eeeeeek !)
Aww you're all so nice! Thanks everyone! :)
Those are really cute and your piggy is adorable!
love it! You should make a bunch and sell them here or on etsy. I'd buy over making anyday.
Are you using any sort of an absorbent material?
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