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New Cavy Slave


Cavy Slave
Jan 7, 2012
Hello, I'm new to the site and semi-new to guinea pigs. I had them when I was younger for a short time and I liked them a lot. Over Christmas I got two male guinea pigs from different places and they have been working on bonding for just over a week. My youngest who I got first is named Vinny. He is black and white and about 6 months old. Diesel, who we recently got about two weeks ago, is brown and red mutli-colored and is about a year old. Diesel has had a rough few months before I got to him. The lady I adopted him from did not maintain his health by any means. During the excitement of a new piggy I was foolish and put them immediately together. A few days later I realized that Diesel looked agitated and was itching his ears. (I've owned many cats and I know the looks of mites fairly well.) Sure enough he had ear mites and must have had them for as long as that lady owned him (over 3 months). After cleaning the large blue storage bin that she had kept him in I found feces and shavings caked to the bottom of the bin; it looked as though she merely threw out the shavings and would just pour more in without sanitizing or wiping out the bottom. She told me that she only cleaned the bin once a week on top of that! I asked about his diet and the only thing she fed him was pellets and occasionally spinach. :sad: I am now happy to say that he is recovering well especially because I am treating both of my piggies ears for mites. They have endless hay and as many fruits and veggies as they can handle. :D
Welcome to the forum! Go easy on the fruits -- too much sugar isn't good for their digestive tracts. They should only get a small amount a couple of times a week. Staples of their veggie diet should be red or green leaf lettuce, bell peppers and cilantro. Other good things to add include tomato, a small amount of carrot, endive, an occasional green bean or two, summer squash, endive, herbs, and a small amount of other greens such as kale or spinach.
Thanks for the advice. I have bookmarked at least 10 different sites with all of the basic info on guinea pig diet and care. ^_^ I found that Guinea Lynx is the most helpful and has a huge list of food they love. I've tried a variety of the veggies listed and so far they like pretty much all of them. I've actually only tried three different fruits so far and haven't given it to them regularly. Family and friends have asked about certain foods such as avocado and after looking at many different answers I learned that they are just simply too fatty for piggies. I read that they can't eat coconut for the same reason but I have tried the coconut oil and washed thoroughly for grooming purposes. Boys are so messy. lol :p
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