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new cavy owner from Cali!


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Jun 23, 2012
Hey all! I'm Meg from Central California, and just added two cavies to our family. Growing up I had several cavies, and lots of other pets (my mom jokes that we basically paid for our vet's office expansions.) Up until recently we had three chickens and our dog, but we just rehomed the chickens to a friend with more property. Our girls were getting stir crazy not being able to free range all day.

So we debated between hamsters and cavies and fell in love with these two, Sparkles (gray) & Bubbles (calico)
Sparkles (gray) & Bubbles (calico) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
(sorry for the blurry instagram picture, letting them settle in longer before I break out my DSLR.)

We're using a store bought cage for now and will be building a two level 2x4 C&C when my DH returns from a deep sea fishing trip on Monday :)

I work from home as a freelance graphic & web designer specializing in scrapbooking products, and I also process real estate appraisals. So, the girls will get to hang with me while I work! They'll be set up in my office, along with a moveable run in the back yard.

Looking forward to being a part of this community! I love what I've seen so far!!
Cavies is kind of a blanket term for a certain group of animals. The guinea pigs you have are adorable! If you bought them from a store, I would make 100% sure they are both the same sex. Pet stores make this mistake more than you would think and people end up with pregnant females.

Make sure when they are in the backyard run that they are supervised at all times. Things can happen very quickly.

Take a look over this diet & nutrition chart. It's a helpful resource when going shopping for produce for your girls. https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/

If you haven't already gotten them, Bed, Bath & Beyond has boxes of grids for $18 each.

Welcome to the forum! We are glad you are here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)
Thanks for your information, like I said above - I'm not new to cavies, just the forum!
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