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New Cavy Mama


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 22, 2012
Hello. I am a brand new cavy mama. My three little boys joined our family last Friday and I am already a slave to them. I swear my 10 and 5 year old don't eat as well as Wilbur, Cinnamon, and Mikey. Since they are only 6 weeks they are doing ok in our store bought cage, but we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new C&C cage. The boys will travel a few days a week with me to work, ( I own a daycare) where they will have another C&C cage to play in. No idea what their fav things are yet, although the day after we got them I changed to fleece bedding and they popcorned!! It seems like they really like apples, and they go nuts for their timothy hay. Haven't handled them too much yet, wanted them to get used to the sound of my voice first, so I chat to them while I feed them and tidy up their cage. Today they didn't hide in the Pigloo when I was cleaning up the fleece, so I think tomorrow I may work on holding them for a short period of time, maybe while feeding them an apple slice. :) Glad I found this site and all the great info!!
Welcome to the forum! You sound like a great cavy mom, you definitely know what you're doing :). We'd love to see some pigtures of your boys, we have quite an addiction here ! :crazy:
I saw my name and had to check it out :)

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the world of guinea pig slavedom :) You'll find a wealth of knowledge here. So feel free to ask questions or just read through the threads to get some information.
Welcome and I know you will enjoy them for years to come..PIGTURES please..
Hi there. Welcome to the forum. We would love pigtures =).
Welcome to the forum! Can I ask why you will be taking them to the daycare? From what I've seen, traveling stresses them, and having a bunch of noisy children about might not be the best environment for them. (I'm mean more than a normal household full of kids).
Petlovr is right. Being transferred from cage to carrier to cage repeatedly and on a regular basis is very stressful for pigs. Not to mention being around noisy children.

It's much easier on pigs to have a stable environment every day.
I'm not an export but aren't they to young to be on timothy hay.. Shouldn't they be on alfalfa hay till there 6 month?
I'm not an export but aren't they to young to be on timothy hay.. Shouldn't they be on alfalfa hay till there 6 month?

Not necessarily. If they are getting alfalfa pellets, it's fine. The alfalfa should be a supplement with the timothy.
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