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UK New cage soon to be built!!

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Mar 16, 2005
I ordered 4 new sets of cubes and 2 sheets of coroplast yesterday...we are building my piggies a brand new 3 level cage at the weekend!! I can't wait!!

The cubes are ones which have no plastic coating for my piggers to chew off, so it will look so much better.
We are making it so that each level is like a tray which can be lifted off, because we move around so much. My mum and I have lots of ideas of how it should be, so we'll see how they match up when we actually get the cubes, carpet and tape (the coroplast was delivered yesterday) and start building it!

I will post pictures when it's all done, and I'll try to get some pictures of each 'tray' before they are all joined together.
I can't wait to see it! You must have spent a ton on cubes.
£112.80 - expensive, I know!! Its 4 sets from Robert May including delivery. That should work out about 70 grids. Roughly. Lol :)
Ok, it has now been built. Took nearly 12 hours to do it really well, making the coroplast a perfect fit, and cutting and fitting the carpet and figuring out the doors and ramp etc.

My mum is just attaching the third level to the first 2 levels. The tray idea I mentioned has only been applied to the third level...any removals company should manage the 2 levels in one chunk seeing as how it's the size of a small wardrobe!!

Pictures have been added to my gallery, by the way. Am just off to take more pics of the complete cage!! :)
Wow- I really like it!
Thanks very much :)
That is such an amazing cage! I have to ask, are yours just the most perfectly potty trained gp's ever, or do you have a strategy for cleaning the carpet? Do you have a litter pan on any of the other levels? I especially liked the loft on level two -- what a great idea to add even MORE space to some amazingly spacious digs. How many piggies will be in there? Kudos to you and your mom for all of the hard work!

P.S. I put my grids together with the connectors, but your cage is the perfect illustration of how much neater and cleaner it looks with just the ties.
Beautiful cage. I redid our piggies cage too again for the 100th time.
Thank you very much for the kind comments, everyone.

Widallas: Unfortunately, my pigs aren't very well potty-trained...they are fine on the bottom level, with their food dish and hay in 2 giant toilets, but there are always millions of poops on the upper levels!!

I use a hand-held hoover each day to hoover out the poops on the upper floors,and if they pee on it, I just use guinea safe cleaner and kitchen roll to soak up any remaining wetness. I scrub it a little bit as well, which of course tears the kitchen roll to pieces...

The loft area on level two was just a way of leading to the third level - rather than using another ramp, my pigs can strengthen their little legs further by jumping up to the top floor. But they love the bit under the loft area...Tuppence has picked her corner and is always laid out in it!!

I do have some more litter pans, but they're not in use at the moment, seeing as how my pigs just use them as sofas rather than toilets...

There are just 2 pigs in there at the moment, but sometime in the future I am hoping to introduce 1 or 2 females to my sow and neutered boar.

The only thing with ties is, you need hundreds of them! We got through about 400-500 ties on this whole cage, making it as sturdy as possible. My poor mum got loads of blisters on her hands from cutting the long ends off the cable ties, but then I guess the clippers weren't great!

AngelsCavies: I know what you mean! We redid Charlie and Tuppy's cage about 3 or 4 times within the space of 3 months! One thing's for sure, though - it isn't going to change any more!!
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My hands are so sore from the zipties. I reuse the zipties. I took a bultonboard tack to release the zipties so I can recycle. I got jabbed 4 times in the same spot on my thumb and pointer fingers also my back is screaming in pain from bending over. I have opened up tons of grids that I can use for floor time. The best thing to cut the zipties ends off is tinsnips in the tools department. They work the best. I use them for everything.
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