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Need some more toy ideas please :)

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May 6, 2012
Hi guys,

I am a new guinea pig owner, and how found heaps of help on this forum to get my guinea pigs living a life they deserve, full of pop corning. Here is my boys 18 square foot cage. They do currently have some cozies, tubes, fleece forest, blanket corner, bell toys, wooden bridge, hanging down salt lick and wooden chews.. as well as a teddy. I am obsessed with constantly updating their cage with new toy ideas, if anyone can suggest anything else that the boys will love, i'd be really grateful - I don't want them getting bored!

Here are some photos of their set up;
[GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :)[GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :)[GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :)
Just for a quick chew, toilet paper rolls are the best! if you glue 3 of them together, forming a triangle, its great-- my pigs love them! I see you already have a lot of toys, but you can always have a igloo made out of cardboard. Just cut of the flaps of a good size box, cut a rectangle out, maybe a window or two for ventilation, and your done! You can always sew some fleece pouches or cuddle cups if your crafty. (instead of buying them for $30!) Hope this helped!
I made a fleece ball.. My girls love them! And the ferret balls with a bell inside are my piggies favorite :)[GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :)
TP rolls, as @BlueberryMuffin said are very popular. If you use any glue any where, I would make sure that it is pet safe. Personally, I would avoid glue when you don't know what's in it. You just never know what harmful chemicals might have been put in there! But stuffing tp rolls with hay is very popular.

Make sure to check out the Hot Tips portion of the forum. You never know what you can find there. Also, try looking at pictures (check out the photo gallery of this site) and videos to see what others have done. One of my favorite YouTubers makes music videos with all the neat ways she's changed out her cage. Check out Pigjes - YouTube Remember to be wary of safety hazards such as plastic and chemicals! And most of all, have fun!

I can see your boys are really pampered. I can understand your wanting to switch things out- I want to trade toys too. You could rethink some of the toys they already have. ex: tunnels aren't made of just one type of material- they can be made of pvc, fleece, cardboard, boxes in an A-frame, and more. Think about your toys, then think outside the box- how can you do the same, but different? That might also help you keep things switched around.

Idea: For floor time, get creative and construct a maze. They can be made out of just about any thing- cardboard taped together, wood lined up, legos (it's faster if you use the bigger ones as opposed to the tiny ones), etc. Stick their veggies throughout the maze to encourage them to keep moving. For examples on maze building, check out You Tube videos. They're a lot of fun and I look forward to building my own!

Hope this little bit helps.
My pigs love newspaper. I will crumple it a bit so it will sort of hold a tunnel shape. They like to run though it, chew on it, hide under it and run on it. They also like paper bags, oatmeal containers and cardboard egg cartons. They also love their crinkle tunnel
(broken link removed)
A big pile of hay is another favorite.
Pretty easy.. Fleece and 1 zip tie .. [GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :)[GuineaPigCages.com] Need some more toy ideas please :) the piece is about 30+ inches long by 4 inches.. Cot like I did and roll.. Secure with zip tie.. Wallah!! :)
I like your piggie tunnel where did you find it.
I would say just keep a few in there and trade them out
they just dont need a salt lick.
Thought I would add to @piggi_zone 's statement. Salt licks aren't just not needed, they are harmful to pigs.

I also thought I would warn all who are saying stuff about cardboard and TP rolls, it has been found that those aren't safe to give to piggies, especially if they chew on them a lot, so I would recommend being safe rather than sorry and just not giving them to your pigs.
Thanks guys you've all given me some great inspiration for some more toys :) They currently have a new addition fleece ball added to the mix. Will have to get some other materials in for the other things you've all suggested, but can't wait to get them tried out xD
Show a photo please :)
And as for the information on salt licks. In my experience they do enjoy the taste of salt, as they do enjoy licking our skin. They do not use the salt lick that often, if I noticed them using it excessively then i'd be worried. Although I know its not a necessity in guinea pig cages, I like to have it available to them.

The tunnels were in our local pet shop in the UK, but i'm pretty sure you can get them on amazon, they're bendy so you can always mix them up and make it different for the piggys so its great :)
Our skin, however, has much less salt than a slat lick does. Salt licks can even cause problems for pigs later on in life, and they don't need them at all. If you wash your hands before holding a pig (Which a lot of people do) Then you have about no salt on your hands. Also it would take about a thousand licks of your hand to equal one lick of a salt wheel. (Note: That was not real math, just guessing, though I'd guess it's pretty close)
Salt licks can even cause problems for pigs later on in life, and they don't need them at all.
I have removed the salt lick :) rather be safe than sorry, Just saw it in a pet shop when I was picking up some bits, and thought they might enjoy it, since they lick our hands. Should of done some research first :) Thanks for the tip.
To make a tunnel, cut the leg off of an old pair of blue jeans, roll both ends. I used a piece of denim that was about 18 inches long so that i could roll a few times. It is well loved by our guineas, and easy to wash too!
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