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Behavior Need some help


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Mar 7, 2005
Need some help with birthing. I know nothing about having babies.
How long does the birthing process last? How can you tell if there are more babies to come? Should moma be cleaned up or should I let her clean herself up?
thank you any help is greatly appreciated.
Everything turned out ok. Momma piggy had one stillborn baby. Member is taking her to the vet in the morning. Thanks everyone.
Well my pig had two babies surprisingly one day and she did everything on her own. They should come out fairly close together and it happens pretty fast. I think it lasted about 15mins at the most for two babies and I saw them moving so I just let her be and made sure she was cleaning them. Which she did and was a great mom. Make sure she is letting them nurse. She may not do it right away but she should warm up to the idea that they are her babies. To find out if there are more you can try to feel for more but I was told by the emergency vet to let her be for a while and just try not to disturb them. They turned out healthy so good luck. I hope others chime in to help you. Good luck.
Ok no problem
Thank you Kelly. Member said it has now been over an hour. No more babies. Mother is eating and acting normally. Was just the one and was stillborn.

He has cleaned up mother and the cage.
Sorry to hear it was a stillborn but atleast mom is well. Was she your pig?
No. A member who was asking for help.
everything is fine now. i called the vet this morning and could not see them today. Monday 8:15 is the best could be done. there is only one vet in my area that sees pigs. I checked Carmel sex myself and it like a HE!!! Both are going monday just to make sure everything is fine is the vet confirms the bad news ill be bringing Carmel to her new home as soon as possiable. I would like to keep them i cant afford nutering and also the risk of it. So best to re-home to a very good home i totally trust.
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