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Photos Need some help please???


Cavy Slave
Nov 17, 2011
I have been trying to upload some pic's but it keeps putting a red exclamation beside my photo's and not letting me upload them. Does anyone know how I can upload them or bypass the red thingy????


2011-11-21 15.15.20.jpg 2011-11-21 15.17.58.jpg
Those pictures are of Rocket....but I have more to show but it's not letting me
Okay, I think I have found my problem. My net was going in and out. So here are the pic's I was wanting to post. "These are pic's of Rocket.
Need some help please???Need some help please???Need some help please???Need some help please???

These are pic's of Bella

Need some help please???

It's still not wanting to let me do some pic's...so ifyou want you can go to my profile to see them.
What adorable black beauties!! They are very pretty ❤️
Oh my! Such cuteness! Both black pigs. How do you tell them apart?
Bella is bigger and has a silver back. You can tell more from the pic's on my profile. Also, Bella will come to me before rocket will.
Aww so cute! I love black piggies :)
Look at those sweet black piggies! =D
you got a boy and a girl? they are both cute.
Thank you everybody!

arcangel, when we got them we were told they were a boy and girl. We got to checking them out after we got them and found out they were both girls (which is good so I don't have to worry bout babies).
Cool i was jsut wondering :D but i didn't want to be mean or anything was just cerious
arcangel...........That's okay..:D ask anything you want about them and i'll tell ya what I can. I haven't had them long so I'm still learning the ropes. I got them at the flea market near where I live. They were in a small cage and I don't know, I just couldn't walk by them. My kids were wanting to get them for their birthday's anyway (which was in Sept.). I've gotten on this site every since then to find out information that I need to know. I have to say...I wouldn't know much about them if it wasn't for this site. I still don't know everything, but i'm learning ;) So like I said before, if ya want to know anything else, just ask lol
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