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Hiding need some advice


Cavy Gazer
Nov 18, 2021
My guniea pigs have been hiding for 2 days in there hide (its like over top thing with no bottom, i can't see them only when poke nose out the door) they have seen me approach couple times i have talked to them too. i tried offering food my hand but i just tell them"its ok " and place it infront there door. along with hay and there pellets (food) to try gain there trust, they haven't drunk any water far as i know . the mother mostly likes to sleep (she's 8 months old) i have petted few times but only like two strokes. but little one dont want to be touched right now. Am i doing everything okay? Do they normally hide all day when u first get them? i just want to make sure I'm doing everything right,i know ur not spouse pick them up for while i read all the guides on here.

Guinea Pig Papa

Staff member
Cavy Slave
May 12, 2015
Guinea pigs by nature are fearful creatures. They are prey animals, and literally every other carnivore in the animal kingdom wants to eat them. They are naturally skittish and will remain that way.

It takes time, and a lot of it, to gain their trust. Some pigs will learn to trust their parents, and some never do. It's down to the individual pig and how they are "hard wired".

Spending as much time with them as you can is a great way to gain their trust. Yummy veggies treats is also a good way to at least get them to associate you with food, which will in turn encourage them to approach you if they think you might have a treat.

Try covering one end of their cage with a blanket. Place their food and water under that covering. Gradually, they will learn to come out.

Above all, TIME and PATIENCE are two of the biggest attributes you will need.


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Feb 6, 2011
[MENTION=35161]Guinea Pig Papa[/MENTION] has given you excellent advice. Throughout my years of guinea pig ownership, I've had pigs with very outgoing personalities and pigs who were shy. With time each one of them became friendly and would respond to me whenever I approached their cage. The very sociable ones would stand up and wait to be picked up and the more timid ones would run away but then would always allow me to pick them up. With the shy ones it helps to have a little tunnel or something for them to run into before you pick them up. Just make sure that they can't fall out as you are lifting it up.

It does take time so don't give up. Just keep talking to them softly and offer them veggie treats and don't expect them to be hand tamed within a few days. I know in this age of social media everyone is looking at YouTube videos and Instagram pictures and seeing guinea pigs doing all of these wonderful antics and they think why aren't my pigs like that. Many of those pigs are the exception not the rule. Most of our pigs fall somewhere in the middle.

Guinea pigs are wonderful creatures and make great pets as long as we accept them for who they are. Just like humans, guinea pigs have a multitude of different personalities.


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Sep 8, 2018
Good advice from everyone. What I did with my new little one is I repeat her name before I offer veggies that she likes. It took a few weeks but she finally started peeking out of the hidey when I talked to her.

I also scatter a few veggies around so she forages a bit to get her to move around. It just takes time and patience.