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Need ideas for upper level, they keep going potty up there


Cavy Slave
Jan 20, 2005
Hi there, I am new here. I built two cages from cubes and coroplast. I have the males and females separated. The bottom level on our cage has coroplast with walls, and I use Yesterdays News for the bedding. One of our piggies had pnuemonia last year, and recovered, but the vet said to only use the Yesterdays News for litter. Anyway, each of the cages have 2 levels. They have ramps that go up to a full second floor. They LOVE the new cages and the ramps. However, my second floor doesn't have walls all the way around it, so I can't really put bedding up there. It falls out. I have been trying a variety of different things. The cage with the males is fine, but the females keep going potty on the second level and ruining whatever I put up there. Any suggestions? Thanks.
I dont know if I really follow you. Can't you put coroplast on the 2nd level?
Yes, I have full coroplast floors up there, but since it's a full second level, it doesn't have full walls around all the edges and around the opening to the ramp, so I can't really put bedding up there and have it stay up there. I was hoping they'd just use that level for exercise or for feeding, but they are using it for a bathroom too. For now I'm using newspapers up there to absorb their "business" but I was hoping to get advice from someone here that's more knowledgeable. Would it be practical to build containment walls around the ramp opening and put bedding up there? I just don't know, since I just made these cages 2 weeks ago.
I have a 2x4 2 level. The bottom is shavings, they have hidey houses and their hay and water bottle. The top level I used carpet mats, I got them for $1.99 each and I placed cotton fabric over them because they were eating the carpet. I bought an extra set to replace when I cleaned. They have hideys up there and their food and another water bottle. Where do you put your hay?. I first had the hay on the 2nd level, too messy and they would never go downstairs. I moved it back downstairs, much better. It has been a week since I built the 2nd level and I just changed the mats and covers and I was so surprised, hardly any wetness. I could have let it go for 2 weeks without cleaning. All I do is vac the poops. So far so good.
Do you have walls surrounding your second level? I know what you mean, them not wanting to go downstairs. Mine all love the second levels. I have a water bottle only on the first floor, hoping they'll drink and do their business on the first floor. I have food & hay on both floors, but you're right, it gets messy. I have hideouts on both floors. When I didn't have flood & hay on the second floor, one piggie in particular would squeal loudly at night if he didn't have a snack at his disposal on the second floor.

For your carpet mats, are you talking about the kind you buy like at Walmart for entryways? I like your ideas.....it's nice to find other people who love their piggies as much as I love mine.
Any kind will do. mine are thin and measure about 18 x 27. I just layed it down and the sides were too long but it just folded up by itself. You'll figure it out. I bought a cotton crib blanket and cut it to measure the cage. I made 2 sets. Just throw it in the wash. But I would definately not have hay on the 2nd floor. I find that they spend alot of time eating hay and therefore they urinate in that area. I may sound stupid but I still dont know what you mean by walls. There have to be surrounding grids. I cant imagine no walls. Do you mean no grids on the innerside of the 2nd level. That would mean they can just fall off onto the bottom?
No, there's grids, I don't have the coroplast folded up for walls for the second floor. The bottom floor does, so it hold all the bedding in. On the second floor, it will fall out between the grids.

The carpet is a good idea. Call me a newbie but I didn't realize that hay made them urinate more. Thanks for the advice. They sure are loving their new cages.
Not that hay makes them urinate more. They spend alot of time in one area eating the hay, therefore they urinate in that same area. Now I understand what you mean by walls. Goodluck.
Ah, so you see my dilemma with the walls. :)

I see what you mean with them in one place eating. They spend so much time up in the second floor. I'll have to move the hay to the bottom ONLY. Thanks so much for your ideas! After looking around at the photos on here, it's amazing how creative everyone is, how much time you spend designing the cages and caring for them. Thanks again for the help!
go to the dollar store and get a thin door mat for like $1 dollar to $3 dollars. I use that and its cleaner. I got extra so I can change it and wash the soiled one and have a clean one already up there. Ill have new pics posted soon with the new litter pan, door mats and fleece. Cant you use fleece instead of yesterdays news.
Fleece and towels.
I 2nd the fleece suggestion. Lay down some towels or newspaper then put fleece on top of that.
Are you talking raw fleece like what they sell on Ebay for spinning? Or a fleece blanket? Does it absorb?
Fleece wicks moisture away so your pigs aren't wet, you need towels or newspaper or something of the sort to absorb it.
Thanks so much for the ideas. My one piggie that was going potty so much up there died this morning. He was the one who had pnuemonia last year. He wound up with ongoing digestive problems, and I guess his little body couldn't keep up anymore, despite hand feeding oxbow and enzymes. He's in piggie heaven now. I will try the fleece and towels for the remaining ones. Please say a prayer for my family, my kids are taking Rudy's death very hard, he was a sweet little piggy.
Oh poor little guy!! I'm so sorry for your loss!!
Thank you. He had the sweetest disposition of any piggie we ever owned. Always a little smile, never nibbled on our fingers and loved to cuddle. After his pnuemonia in June (he was in the hospital for 5 days) the vet said she doubted he'd ever father any babies, but we had him living with a female, and 2 weeks before Christmas our female gave birth and it was quite evident that Rudy was the daddy. It was nothing short of a miracle. We are at least taking comfort in knowing we have his babies to carry on, but it's still very hard.....thank you so much for your condolences.....it's wonderful people like you that know how much our little piggies mean to all of us, and I'm so glad I've found this forum to gather knowledge and get support......thank you.
I am sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

As far as the fleece you will want either fleece blankets or fleece that is sold in the fabric department or a fabric store and not raw fleece.
Thank you for your prayers and support. I love looking at all the member pics that are in their posts. All such cute and unique piggies!! Little Rudy was abyssinian. I have a website that I did a few months ago with piggie pics but it need updating. I'll post the link when it's updated.....

Also thanks for clarifying the fleece idea, I didn't realize it would be the fleece fabric....it pulls moisture away from the skin, huh? Yes we need something on that top level for them. I'll be working on that over the weekend. Maybe put a doormat down underneath too so it won't leak out the sides....
awwwwww im so sorry for your lost of Rudy. I bet he is playing with my little Holly who I lost on Jan 10th. He is happy and looking down on his family who truly loves him.
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