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Need Help !


Cavy Slave
May 8, 2012
Hey Everyone
Im writing because I really need your help!My guinea pig Darwin was bought from a pet store approximately two weeks ago,after having him home for a few days I woke up one morning to give him fresh warter and noticed one of his eyes was completely shut.I called a couple of local vets but I wasnt able to find an exotic pet and thus called the store.The store said my guinea pig came with some sort of health care warranty and thus they would take care of him for those number of days...
And so i dropped him at the store and called in everyday and got him back after a week.When i brought him home I noticed both his eyes were receding back and he had began sneezing multiple times a day.I truthfully lack knowlesge as to what could be going wrong.Hes playing popcorning,eating,pooping as normal.
I called the vet because of course Im concerned and I was todl the appointment itself would be $75.00.Im currently a student and have spent just over 200 on my guinea pig and cant truly afford this fee for a couple weeks.Im turning to all you cavy owners for some guidance for the time being??
Is Darwin in some serious trouble with his receding eyes or is that the eye infection gradually going away?Also, is the sneezing a serious issue??
Can you post pics? What did the pet store vet tell you it was, and what did he do for him?
Can you post pics? What did the pet store vet tell you it was, and what did he do for him?

They said he had an eye infection and gave him eye drops.. this is the day i brought himm and ill psot another right now after taking one
the first image is Darwins first day home
the second image under the towel i just took(the scar is a fight from the pet store)


394227_10150957634805159_505520158_11895646_868706245_n.jpg 546467_10150957619805159_505520158_11895614_674961242_n.jpg
the picture of him under the towel was poorly taken you cant really see how he squinting lately so i took this one


@(broken link removed) He needs emergency vet care right now. He has an URI. He needs antibiotics immediately. I can't stress how important it is that he sees a vet.
Alright,I guess its time to turn to my parents for some help tomorrow!! Thank you for your time it means a lot!!
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