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C&C Need help designing cage for school room....


Cavy Slave
May 23, 2012
We are moving in a few weeks and I am searching out ideas to make a bigger cage for our guys. They will sleep upstairs in their smaller cage at night and then be brought down to the basement into our school room durring the day.

I want to make a half wall/book shelf with a 1x? cage on top of it. I want it to be 2 levels near the wall, then another second level in the corner. This will be an "L" shaped book case for them to sit on top of.

I need to know, would this work? It is ALL being considered right now, and I wanted to ask the pro's what they thought of my idea. Any and all parts of this plan are open for discussion.
Can you please provide more details? Is the L-Shaped cage going to be 1 grid wide all the way?
Guinea pigs like to run laps and would be better in a cage that's at least 24 inches wide.

By the way, they don't sleep at night so locking them up in a smaller cage at night might not work well for them.
Ok, I have been doing a lot of figuring and have done some research on cage styles. I think what I will do is just a 2X ? cage the width and length will be determined by how big of a book shelf I can get and set them back to back.

Next question though... If I were to do a larger cage in one of the kids rooms, then another cage probably the same size or just a hair bigger in the basement, would it confuse them? I want them to be present and we plan to spend a lot of time in the basement as that is where the school room and family area will be.

The living room is going to be too small to have them in there, so the oldest child's bedroom is the only option.
We rarely recommend having the cage in the child's room due to hay and dust and that it may cause allergy issues.

Is the basement weatherproof? If it is and the family will be spending most of the time in there, I don't see why you can't keep them in there full time.

As for the pigs getting confused, they shouldn't be. Most of us give them floor time everyday and it's moving them from the cage to a floor or pen. So it would be the same as you moving them from the bedroom cage to the basement cage.
My only concern with keeping them downstairs are the days we don't go down there.

And my oldest is not allergic to any of the food or the GPs. She is the one who cares for them right now anyways, so he room woul dbe the best idea.
Then that should be fine. When you move them between the cages, they should adjust to the new schedule.
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