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Conditions NEED ADVICE****Stressing over my pigs might have mites!!!!!


Cavy Slave
Mar 27, 2012
I just got the boys off craigslist. Apparently the woman before didn't know how to care for them. When i picked them up, their cage was filthy and i felt im doing a good thing, rescuing them. And now, one of my piggies has lost hair on his back and getting worse! I didn't think I'd have to take them to a vet, which i cant afford, already when only having them for a couple weeks now. I just want to know for sure if it is mites. Because at first i thought it was from them fighting. They'd rustle around like crazy flippin over their house and i'd see one nibbling on his leg area.
He has lost alot of hair on his back side and now its starting on his front legs!!!! its progressive very fast! :( He screaches when i pick him up, i believe he's in pain and thats why. he did that from the beginning.
My other male only has a tiny bald spot and couple tiny scabs no serious hair loss. Just need someone that knows about this stuff to talk to me about it please.
Will i have to get a whole new cage , is it infested?? how am i going to do this ?
yes i bought my girls from pets at home, and now i found a bald patch with a few scabs on one of the girls, is this serious? cant afford vets either
I've been doing a little research and mites are very serious, can be fatal if not taken care of!now i dont know about the little spots and scabs, i think has to do with mites, thats why im on here, i need help and advice. i reallly cant afford a vet but i have to now!!! somehow
well i did some research and one site suggested that a tiny patch with somehairloss and scabs can be due to stress of being rehomes ect but im not sure
Yes, you need a vet. You could try some home remidies. But honestly, it sounds pretty bad. I would def call and see if the Vet can bill you later, or maybe you might be able to sell something on craigslist to get the money for the appointment and medication. Scabs also will need some ointment. If you get help now, they will be on their way to good health.
Thanks for rescuing these guys -- sounds like they really needed it. Your problem does sound like mites, but if it's not, the mites treatment won't hurt them.

You can treat for mites yourself as long as your pigs weigh at least 350 grams each (a good kitchen scale is a godsend for dealing with guinea pigs). Read www.guinealynx.info/mites.html and www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html, and then come back and post questions if you have them.

You can buy ivermectin at farm/feed stores, or order online from (broken link removed) or (broken link removed). You'll need some 1 ml. (1 cc.) needleless syringes to measure the medication with. You can either give it orally or put it on their skin, but one method requires one kind of ivermectin and the other method another kind.

Treat both the pigs while you're at it.

You don't need a new cage, nor is everything infested. The mites can't live off the pig. And while you might get bitten from handling them, it shouldn't cause anything worse than a small rash on you, if that. The mites won't set up housekeeping on you or any other type of animal in your house.

The other thing to do is to make sure they're both boys -- we've had a rash of males having babies on here after being missexed by the original owner or the pet store they came from. See Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig for more than you ever wanted to know about pig genitalia.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
It could be ringworm too. That is easy to treat but can be contagious to humans as well. Do you have any pictures you could post?
what could my guinea possibly have i dont think its mites, its a tiny patch of skin thats a little dry...her guinea friend gets a bit tempermental when they have fun time like its jealousy, could she be barbering but a little to much?
If it is mites (which it sounds very much like it is) you can treat them without going to the vet. Have you seen him scratching?
no she never scratches, she doesnt fuss over her bald patch :( poor coco
Bald patches is a clear indication of mites. Ringworm wont create bald patches, but will create a scaly rash on the pig's skin. Treatment for each is different so it's best to get a clear diagnoses from a vet.

A vet will likely want to do a skin scaping to test for mites but this is an ineffective check and is stressful and painful for the pig so I would opt not to get that done. And like BP said, even if it's not mites, treating for them won't hurt
Ringworm actually does cause bald patches. I have had a guinea pig who has had it before. It is a fungal infection. Google it for pictures.
Scruffytufty, next time it would be helpful if you started your own thread.

It doesn't need to look scaly to be mites, or fungus. Those are just some symptoms that many pigs have. I would go ahead and treat for mites (and this means either three treatments of ivermectin or one of Revolution) and then if it doesn't appear to be getting better, treat for fungus, following directions at www.guinealynx.info .
i dont know who im supposed to be replying to lol.
I have photos in my other thread and ive never heard of revolution. yes i could do the ivermectin it only costs 8 bucks at local feed store, but i dont have a scale! I called vet its gonna cost me a bit. im pretty sure its mites cuz barbering wouldnt cause him to lose this much hair.....
Scales are really pretty inexpensive, and you need to weigh your pigs on a regular basis anyway. I'm pretty sure I got my scales for less than $15 from Walmart. Target also has reasonable scales, and many people find them at thrift stores. All you need is a scale that goes up to five pounds that measures in both ounces and grams, and that has a container large enough to put the pig in.
I've been doing a bit of research and Gentian Violet is a great affordable topical treatment for ringworm. It is safe for piggies. It's used to treat mouth sores, but it's also an anti-fungal, it gets rid of ringworm and candiasis. Just warning though, if you have white piggies it will stain the coat purple! lol.
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