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General Naming the Foster Piggies (Name Game)


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Apr 16, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] Naming the Foster Piggies (Name Game)

[GuineaPigCages.com] Naming the Foster Piggies (Name Game)

So far we've considered calling the brown one Cocoa and the white Marshmallow/Sugar, considered Penny for either one of them this morning. Would like some more ideas.

I think the brown one is dominant. She was the first one to venture out of the carrier (it was put in the cage for a couple days). The first night we got them, I put a few silks and corn husks in their cage and she darted out to get one then straight back into the carrier again. The white one is more shy. Like a lot of piggies, they don't like being picked up, but love being cuddled.

The rescue couldn't remember their names. She got them late last summer. That's why I'm on the prowl for a pair of good names for these girls.

Let the games begin!
I like Cocoa for the brown one. Or maybe Nutmeg, Meg for short. I'm stumped on the white one. Pepper, maybe? There is white pepper as well as black pepper. I love her "saxy" leg sticking out in the top pic, tho"! :D
I like Moonpie for the white one (brown/black head and white body :D) and Camel for the brown one.

Man I must have a sweet tooth today, all I could think of is sugary names :eek:
All I could think of was Caramel (Cara) and Vanilla (Nillie).
The brown on is exactly the colour of Caramel and Vanilla looks like she has some chocolate sauce on her.:D

Those are some cute fosters you've got there!
I think you idea of Penny for the brown one is cute since she is the color of one. I think Oreo is cute for the white/black one :)
How about Cinnamon (Cinny or Cinna for short) for the ginger one? . Or hey, maybe simply Ginger. The black/white one looks a bit like a panda bear with the black mask over her eyes. So maybe Panda?
Have some good ideas going here. Keep it coming! Loving hearing the different ideas. :)
I like penny for the brown one, and caramel, or butterscotch!! For the white one, maybe sassafrass (sassy for short), or sprinkles :)
After much thought and deliberation I have come up with my answer! Meet

[GuineaPigCages.com] Naming the Foster Piggies (Name Game)


[GuineaPigCages.com] Naming the Foster Piggies (Name Game)

We're hoping to get their c&c up today, but we'll have to see. It will depend on if we can find someone with uhaul pads open or if we have to wait until Tuesday.
The first thing I thought of was Ducky for the brown one and Mallory for the Dutch. The dutch one reminds me of a mallard duck. Is the brown one a teddy? ...my favorite......
or spices... Saffron, Catnip, Pepper, Thyme, Curry, Lavender, Clove, Chicory
Yay! My pig's name is Ginger too! Congrats on finding names for them! I like them :p
I think Ginger and Penny suit them really well. I had a guinea pig named Ginger that was the same color as yours.
i want to name my next pair...Cheeky and Chops XD
If I ever have another male I want to name him Chef Boy R Dee; Chef Boy for short.
:D @pinky That's great! Chef Boy R Dee! What about Sarah Lee? :p
:D @pinky That's great! Chef Boy R Dee! What about Sarah Lee? :p

ha ha.... that would be quite the pair, wouldn't it? My friend has Mrs. Butterworth. I guess I could also add a Col Sanders, too.....
I've never heard of Col Sanders. I'd like to know if you ever actually do get a pair and name them that. That'd be funny! :D
I've never heard of Col Sanders. I'd like to know if you ever actually do get a pair and name them that. That'd be funny! :D

You've never heard of Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken... KFC?
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