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My Baby Mu

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Aug 4, 2004
I was just wondering what are all your pigs names (if they are from a different language please tell what it means).

Mine is Mu which is Thai for pork and ya know pork pig guinea pig and I also read that in earlier time people would eat them (this is horrible and disgusting) and they said they tasted like pork.
My girl is name Amelia....after a novel I was listening to on a book on tape about Amelia Erheart (the pilot)......I've also always loved the children's books with the character Amelia Bedelia....so it all just fit!! and the name fits her perfectly!!!
Poppy is white with a black face, so she looks like the inside of a poppy flower... plus she popcorns a lot, so it was really fitting! Swee'Pea got her name because she looks like a dust mop... sweepy! (And of course because it's another flower I love.) Penny's full name is Penelope (so we had Pop-py, Swee-Pea, and Penelo-pe), but she's copper-colored except for a white star on her forehead, so it's been shortened to Penny.

In the past, we've also had Gypsy, Pepper, and Muffin (who was originally Murphy, but when I "inherited" her from a friend my sister didn't like that name and started calling her Muffin).

"Mu" is so funny! That's a great idea!
I always liked Pumpkin as a piggy name. I hope to soon get a pig from a shelter whom I have already named Cactus because his fur (he's a abbyssinian) sticks up in the picture, sun rays shining through the spikes. He reminded my mom of a porcipine, so at first i was gonna call him Porcipine or Hedgehog, but then my dad might have begun to call him "Porky" or "Hog". (lol he has a sense of humor, and likes to tease about my pigs)

That's where the "cactus" in my name comes from, as well as the fact that i live in Southern California.

I often like to name GPs by what they look like or remind me of, though Archimedes is always cute.
I have:

  • Petunia - a black and white Abby
  • Cinnamon - a tan, brown and white Ridgeback
  • Spice - a red Sheba Mini Yak
  • Lily - a gold, black and white American
  • Luna - a charcoal, white and gold Texel
Two of them are named for seasonings, three of them have Harry Potter related names. (and shhhh! Really, Cinnamon is probably a Abby/American cross but she does have a ridge the length of her back. Spice is probably a Abby/Longhair cross but she looks just like a Sheba Mini Yak - an Australian breed of cavy)
Ascot and Furlong. They were allready named by the rescue. I thought that their names were lovely so I decided to keep them :)
  • Pumpkin- Orange
  • Butterscotch- Dark dolored with a little carmel
  • Candy Cane- Orange and white stripped
  • Princess- dark colored with a white "crown" on her head
  • Tigger- Black and orange stripped
Gigi, Sammi, & Candy. All are chinese singers/actresses' names.
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Lynard - he is brown and black and white, my husband liked Lenny the guinea, but I started calling him Lynard Skinard, and it kind of stuck

Hendrix - he is all black with a white spot on his rear - we decided to keep with the theme!
Peaches - peach, white and brownish smooth, short coat (my one daughter's favorite fruit)

Pineapple - black and white, smooth longer coat (my other daughter's favorite fruit)
I have Mo because he had a mohawk when he was little but now he has really long hair. And I have Lazlo because it is a Mafia name, and guinea is a not very nice name for an Italian person (I dont mean to say this to offend anyone).
My friend's pigs are all named after cookies. Oreo, Samoas, and Chips (chips ahoy)
MetallichicA-I got the name Mu off of Uptown Girls. It's kinda funny since his name is Mu and cows moo (the name is said like moo like a cow) I got him a cow spotted flece for his bed.

My friends pigs name was Onyx and he is black. My other friends pigs name is Rodney and he is red (My brother had a pig not a guinea pig but and actual pig that was red and he named it Rodney too-weird coincedence.)

Kinda off the subject of guinea pigs but I had actual pigs (the oinking ones not cavys) and their names were Wilber he was mostly pink, Eli he was black red and pink (kinda like a tortise shell and white cavy. Like my Mu now). 3 spot who had 3 spots on him and there was a huge blob the spot conjoined together when he got older he was pink and black. My brothers pigs were named Big Bertha she was all black and once peed on my brother it was hilarious. And there was Rodney the red one.
Peppermint. Merlin. Nut Meg. Popkin. Button. Bobbin. butter. bazil. (goin' crazy with B's!) Peanut. Pie. Apple (?). Grapenut. (it sounds really cool but the cereal--blah! it's like granola, taking it on the "nut" half, instead of the "grape"). Cheeky. cherry.

(did i supply enough names to now be allowed to get off-subject?)

How fun, my Baby Mu! You must live in the country if you once raised pigs. (right?)
Kinda, but not really It was for 4-H.
Crocket & Tubbs. Crocket is all white and Tubbs is all black with a thin white strip running down the left side of his face. My husband came up with the names. He watched Miami Vice as a kid.
loves2travel said:
My friend's pigs are all named after cookies. Oreo, Samoas, and Chips (chips ahoy)
adding on with more cookie names: snickerdoodle, butter, peanut butter, minty, milano, nilla, wafer
We have had a name change in the house. One of our sows, Lily, revealed yesterday that she has boy bits! Ack!!! This pigger, now 6 weeks old, was checked numerous times to ensure we had a female and until yesterday, she was female. So, being as that Lily is not a very masculine name, Lily will know be known as....

rocky - my big black boy with cute ginger-ish stripes across his back and a ginger 'beard'
dougal - the baby, light cream all-over with darker patches across his lower back.
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