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n00b here, advice?


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Jun 30, 2012
Hi, my names Kirsty, I'm 21 and from Scotland. I've decided to get my first Guinea Pig in a few weeks, I had rabbits when I was younger that were kept outside, but this will be the first time housing indoors.

I was all set on purchasing a Ferplast indoor cage, until I got directed to this site, and have since just ordered some grids to build my own (planning 2x3 with a half platform acting as a second floor, at least to begin with) :D

What I'd like to know, is if there is a thread link, to a newbie list of everything I should get in stock before purchasing my pig, anything from preferences on bedding, food options, toys, everything. All and any advice would be great thanks~
As I'm new to owning guineas myself, I doubt I could offer much help, but I will say this: You came to the right place! There's loads of awesome people here who can help, loads of threads about the topics you've listed, and even lots of good info on the home-page of this site (I found lots by looking on the sides, there's little links about food, bedding, etc :)

Good luck, and welcome :D
Thanks~ I'm just having a browse around now, and trying to stay away from the photo sections before I get distracted from getting information xD
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