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Rabbits Myxomatosis alerts UK (Could this be a sticky, please?)


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Jan 1, 2012
We are still getting reports of Myxi, please keep sharing them with us on this forum and also on our Facebook page - and make sure your bunnies are vaccinated. By sharing the news in this way, we reach more owners, and help protect more rabbits.

You'll find updated notifications on our Facebook here We have had reports... | Facebook and here We are still... | Facebook
We don't have myxi in America but I've read about it. Scary stuff. I'll give you a bump.
Thread stuck.
whats maxi?
Hi all

Sorry to say, but you do have Myxi in America. It spreads far less quickly because your native rabbits are immune to it, but in areas where colonies of European rabbits are living wild, there is the potential for it to spread. I understand that there is some in the west of your country, mostly in California and Oregon. (broken link removed)

This article explains what it is, but briefly for anybody who doesn't want to read the full article, myxi (or myxo as it's sometimes called) is Myxomatosis, a viral disease from the pox family that European (that is pet in America) rabbits are susceptible to. In unvaccinated rabbits, it is fatal. It's characterised by lesions around the nose, mouth and eyes and also the genitals and by flu-like symptoms.

In the UK and in Europe there are vaccines against it. The vaccine we've had in the UK for many years was the live virus of a related disease, that was potent enough to give a reasonable level of immunity. In Europe I believe killed Myxoma virus was in use. Now we have a new vaccine which is of disabled live virus (genetically engineered) that will give immunity but without causing the vaccinated rabbit to become ill. Within the same vaccine are proteins from Calicivirus which is the cause of VHD (which you also have in America), so the vaccine guards against both fatal diseases in one.

Information on our website can be found here
(broken link removed)
Just to let any Irish bunny owners know; a lot of wild rabbits in the south east are also dying of myxi at the moment, I know because my dog has been collecting casualties and placing them on our door step!
Thanks, Eimear. I'll add this to our Facebook list of outbreaks.

Poor bunnies. It's so sad.
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