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Rabbits Myxi outbreaks in Leeds and Barnsley - UK owners please be vigilant and vaccinate


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Jan 1, 2012
We have had reports about a myxi outbreak in Leeds - please make sure that your rabbits are all vaccinated, and if you know of any more outbreaks please let us know so that we can warn others.

After posting this on Facebook, we had a further report of an outbreak in Barnsley

The exceptionally mild winter has affected the whole of the British Isles and it's highly likely that the outbreak reports are going to be rolling in thick and fast.

PLEASE KEEP VACCINATIONS UP TO DATE. If your vet is still using the old vaccine, it needs to be given every 6 months whether you have indoor or outdoor rabbits. All are susceptible. The new vaccine should be with vets now and it is only needed once per year, but again, all rabbits need to have it.
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