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Bonding My sweet little Marie is warming up to me!


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Apr 19, 2011
Okay I just had to post this eeep I'm so excited!! Okay okay so I have two female guinea pigs Lizzie a gray agouti silkie and Marie a tri-colored satin. Lizzie is pretty outgoing and brave Marie on the other hand not so much. She is pretty text book to her breed as far as personality goes. She is skittish and has been since I got her which I can't really blame her for two reasons A. She a satin they are skittish and nervous by nature and B. She lived in a pet store Rabbit cage for the first like seven to nine months that I owned her and Lizzie so if she got scared there was really nowhere to go. But now she is finally starting to warm up to me. Before whenever I puy my hand in the cage to pet her she freaked out and ran away now as long as you come up to her slowly she will let me pet her and she seems to enjoy it! She is very much a lap piggie like if you pick her up and put her in a laying down position on your lap she will stay there and she just adores attention. It's adorable to watch her eyes close when you scratch her nose ( hehe that rhymed) and Make little squeaking/cooing noises when you stroke her from her head down her back. Now Lizzie is not a perfectly tame piggie either but she is much braver than Marie is. She is kind of the complete opposite she likes to be pet in the cage better than being held.
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