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Lethals my sisters Teddy/Abyssinian/crested/american cross is having sight and teeth issues


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Sep 30, 2017
We've noticed that the guinea pig (a three month old solid white with black spots on her feet and ears) is very whiny and won't stop whining whenever we pick her up or when she's in her cage with her cousin and aunt. She does not stop and we think she is blind (she does not really respond to any movements of our hands. She does know how to get around the cage but tends to hide in a tube and sit in there for hours). We've also noticed excessive grinding of her back teeth and because we cannot see her back teeth we don't know what they look like or what's wrong.

I took some photos of her eyes if that'll help any. She is a Pink Eyed White but the pictures don't show that well.

[GuineaPigCages.com] my sisters Teddy/Abyssinian/crested/american cross is having sight and teeth issues[GuineaPigCages.com] my sisters Teddy/Abyssinian/crested/american cross is having sight and teeth issues

Have you guys had any experiences with similar things or had similar cases? I really don't want to have to go to the vet if I don't have to but if worst comes to worst I will take her to the nearest good guinea pig vet clinic.
You've marked this in Lethals, but if she's got any color on her at all, she's not a lethal. Her eyes are also normal size, and lethals have small/malformed/missing eyes.

Can she find her food? Is she gaining normally?
Yes she can find the food just fine and her weight gain is normal. She's just excessively whiny I feel like something's wrong with her because none of the others have ever acted like this.
Do the three of them live together all the time? If so, how long have they been together?
Yes they've been together for a little over a week and they are all in a large cage together the youngest is a month and she is able to slip through the c & c cage holes so she likes to go hang with the other sows. But my sisters sow (diamond) has been acting like this since we separated her and her mom from each other. She acts like this constantly whenever you go to touch her or pick her up or move her. We handle her properly with two hands one under her forelegs the other supporting her butt or set her in our hands. She hasn't been attacked or injured by any of the others as far as I know. She has no scabs or scars and nothing feels or looks broken.
If she's mainly whining when you pick her up, I wouldn't worry about it. Just pick her up frequently, put a light cloth over her so she's protected from the house eagles, and feed her yummy treats.

But I'm confused. Has she just been separated from her mom? Is she the one that's a month old?
No she's a three month old, her names Diamond, she's been away from her mother for a couple weeks (we separated her because her aunt and her will both be sold together and we need them to know each other) and she started to act like this more than she did when she was with my other sows and her mom. Like after her and her mom were put in with my two sows she would whine when you picked her up or if my sow Mocha was too close to her. Now she just whines all the time and she won't stop, like if she's hiding in the hay box she's Pratt quite but if she's not in the hay box she's whining a lot.
Maybe take out the hideys for a few hours every day so she's forced to interact with them?
Ok i'll do that and have my sister and I hold her more and give her some treats. I just hope that she calms down and doesn't whine so much any more.
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