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Pregnancy My poor pregnant Dory


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Jun 19, 2012
I have no idea how far along she is at the moment but I have recently been able to see and feel her babies moving, here is a photo of her today.

[GuineaPigCages.com] My poor pregnant Dory
Everyone tells me that if you're able to see and feel the babies move that she would be due within the next 2 weeks. Make sure you babyproof your cage
That's what I heard too, she has been eating extra and drinking extra the past two weeks and lays down a lot more now. She has became extremely round and large the past two weeks, hopefully it won't be long until I have some new additions.
I have read them previously, by the size of her, she can't have long left, I feel so sorry for her.
I hope she isn't pregnant from being housed with a male, if so, please remove the male immediately after the babies are born. Some people say, this should be done before, but I have also heard that he will help her. A Guinea Pig can get pregnant almost immediately after she's given birth. Babies can as soon as 2-3 weeks.
I am in the same boat, I adopted two girls from a shelter and one is pregnant for sure, the other might be because she looks to be getting fatter and I know there's no other reason for weight gain in her environment. Don't worry too much about her, but keep a close eye out for possible complications and make sure you know a vet you can take her to in case of emergency.
She isn't with the boys, she's never been housed with them but her sister passed recently so hopefully she has some baby girls to keep her company. She got 'caught' during play time when my boys managed to knock the fence over, thankfully, it's all changed so they've never been close enough now. I just hope she has them soon so she can run around again.
Tonight she's been acting really different, she's constantly laid down and isn't eating as much as usually, as you can see by the picture above, she's really big.
My guinea pig Princess has been the same way and im still trying to figure out if she's pregnant or not. A lot of people on here say she is so maybe she is. but good luck with you beautiful lady and babyproof the cage asap. She could be due any day and also try to find a 24 hour emergency care vet as well just in case of any complications. good luck with her and the babies. Oh and if you have any male babies, be sure to sex them at about 2 weeks old or sooner and separate them from any females at 3 weeks
Yeah just have the cage ready, and the number to the vet. If she starts moving bedding, or sniffing in cirlces, its only hours away...
Cage has been ready for a while now as I'm not certain when she's due. I'm excited and worried all at the same time, it feels like its been a life time since I found out she was pregnant.
I know exactly how you feel. mixed emotions will happen. By the look at her I really do believe she's due in the next 2 weeks. Maybe even sooner
I think I've worked out that if I go by dates of photo's I've taken, she would have fell pregnant 24th April, which would make her 8 weeks right? So could be pretty much any time in the next two weeks, I hope.
Today is day 59 I believe, I can feel the babies clearly moving, grinding teeth so that's exciting. Her pelvic area is open the width of my thumb, which is pretty large. I'm guessing it won't be too long now!
I've just felt her pelvic bones once again and they're now the width of two fingers and kept pulsing, I could also feel something kind of sat there, she is laid down at the moment, what does it mean if they're pulsing?
I don't know what the pulsing means but if her pelvis is as open as you say it is, she will be having the babies any day now. Good Luck and congrats. Post pigtures of the babies when they arrive.
Should be soon! Make sure to post some pigtures. If you have any questions let me know. When I got my first piggy she came home pregnant so I have gone through this. :)
[GuineaPigCages.com] My poor pregnant Dory[GuineaPigCages.com] My poor pregnant Dory

This is her a few minutes ago, poor girl.
how old is she? It looks like there may be 3 or more pups in her from the pics.
Wow she's pretty and big. She must be having 3 or more babies. Hope all goes well with her delivery and the babies.
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