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My pigs use their cozies as litter boxes? -___-


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Sep 1, 2010
I decided to remove all igloos since they take up too much space and they spent too much time inside them. They're almost 2 yrs old so I figure they have nothing to be insecure about anymore, plus there is a loft overhang to chill under if they must.

I made two cuddle sacks for my girls, and they actually do sleep in them. Of course they also poo/pee A LOT in them but they sleep in them.

The Cuddle cup is literally their litterbox though. They hop in, poo a whole bunch, hop out. And sometimes they lay on top of it after :yuck: But I can't get them to use an actual litterbox of course.

I've tried putting it under the loft for security, or in the open.

Do your pigs do this? Should I be offended? L0L
My pigs also think cuddle cups are litter boxes. I got rid of them and just put a piece of fleece down that they burrow under. For lap time, I bought a small dog bed with shallow sides. This seems to do the trick. Shallow sides - no pee or poo
Um, yep, they're pigs. Except that real pigs don't sleep where they poop if they're given enough room to away from it.
I love when my pigs use their cozies as litter boxes... that means less sweeping up! It helps to have an abundance of cozies when your pigs do this.
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