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Diarrhea my pigs feet are covered with clumps of poop.


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Dec 6, 2011
i typed a bunch of paragraphs regarding my situation, but i don't want to make everyone read a novel length post.

long story short, today is the two week check up for my pigs regarding their fungal infection. the vet has no idea what it is, so i haven't been able to treat them.

last night i was clipping my pigs' nails and i was covered in white hair. my black guinea pig sheds regularly while my white guinea pig sheds excessively. the fleece is covered in her white hair. i took the time to look for little black hairs to see if elliot was shedding the same amount, but i didn't find any. you can tell where my white guinea pig sleeps because of the fur she's shed.

lastly, i just noticed poop is clumped on their feed. elliot, my black pig, has it on her pads, toes, and front feet. obcy, my white pig, has it on her back feet.

i wasn't able to get a clear photo of my pigs' feet, because they kept moving, so i took a video:

i'm going to ask the vet not only about the fungal infection, but the excessive shedding, and now the softness of their poop.

i am just writing this because i want to get some opinions. should i stop feeding them veggies for the time being? the only veggie they had today so far was tomato grapes without the seeds. they have plenty of fresh hay and have been munching on it all day.

what should i do if the vet can't help me? i'm strongly leaning towards finding a new exotic vet. two weeks ago she took a skin sample and told me she'd call me if it turned out to be ringworm. i haven't heard from her, so i take it nothing has shown up.

if she decides to take cultures and play the waiting game again, i'm afraid i'll have to find a new vet because i can surely wait, but my guinea pigs cannot and it wouldn't be fair to them.

sorry if i take a while to reply. it's my birthday today and my boyfriend is taking me out to lunch and i need to run some errands. i also need to find myself a nice knee brace because i screwed up my knee a few days ago. (great timing for all of these things to go wrong, am i right?)
IDK i would not give them anymore Just go to the vet. BTW , HAPPY BIRTHDAY
okay! i decided to not give them veggies for a few days to see how that goes. thank you!!
just an update on the pigs:

i managed to get an earlier appointment today. (originally 5 pm, got in at 2:30 pm)

the vet was concerned about the softness of their poop. she has given me an antibiotic to give them twice a day. (i don't know the name of it. i'm not home but when i get back tonight i'll edit the name into this post)

she also told me to feed my guinea pigs 5 cc of plain yogurt once a day for 7-9 days (not low-fat or non-fat, just regular yogurt) to help with the good bacteria in their stomach and to help firm the poop up.

as for their fungal infection, she stated obcy's eyes are healing nicely and believes elliot's ear will heal on its own. she worried putting cream on the ear would hinder the natural healing process. however, if it begins bleeding profusely and more white growth appears, she will take more skin for another culture.
my vet told me to feed my guinea pigs 5 cc of plain yogurt each day for a week.

i'm making a separate thread for this as i don't think i'll get any answers on my previous thread regarding my pigs.

i took my pigs to the vet. they had poop smooshed all over their feet and pads. they also have fungal infections.

she gave me some sort of antibiotic to give them twice a day for the diarrhea issue. (i don't have the name available right now because i am not home, but i will be home later tonight)

she told me to feed them 5 cc of plain yogurt once a day for 7-9 days. she also told me to get regular yogurt, not low-fat or non-fat, as it will help regulate their stomachs and replenish good bacteria.

something doesn't feel right about feeding them yogurt. i gave them some organic plain yogurt today already. i admit i should have done the research beforehand.

my boyfriend is telling me i need to listen to the vet, because she is obviously educated in the topic and has gone to school for it and i haven't. my boyfriend's family is telling me to stop believing what i read on the internet, because the vet should be trusted over people on here.

i'm unsure of what to do. i've read plenty of websites stating a lot of exotic vets prescribe dangerous medication or make other mistakes because they are not properly educated and lack experience. then again, she is educated on this and i am not.

i'm at a loss and i'm feeling helpless because my pigs' health is at risk.

as for their fungal infections, the vet said my guinea pig's eyes appear to be healing naturally. i told her my other guinea pig has had some blood pool around the white, infected area of her ear. she told me unless it's dripping with blood and is bleeding a lot, then there is nothing to worry about. she believes both of their bodies will fight the infections on their own and does not want to give them medication as it will hinder the healing process.

what do i do? what is a better probiotic option other than yogurt? is yogurt actually okay? will they be hurt from eating yogurt today?

she told me to give yogurt once a day, and the antibiotic twice. should i give a probiotic after each dose of antibiotic (read that on the lynx)?

sorry for making two posts in this thread today. i'm stressing out and i'm feeling sick and anxious and i just want answers.
Re: my vet told me to feed my guinea pigs 5 cc of plain yogurt each day for a week.

When I had to use probiotics I used human acidophilus pills from the drugstore. I cracked open a tablet and sprinkled some on wet veggies. I did it a few times a day.
I wouldn't give yogurt because guinea pigs are lactose intolerant and it will upset their tummies.
Re: my vet told me to feed my guinea pigs 5 cc of plain yogurt each day for a week.

I did see your other threads about your Obcy and Elliot, but I don't have any experience with this kind of thing, so all I can say is I hope it works out for you! And I'm glad that the ringworm seems to be going away without medicine. I've never had to deal with diarrhea, so I am curious that the vet thinks the fungal infection is going away but the diarrhea needs an antibiotic if no one knows what is causing it.
Re: my vet told me to feed my guinea pigs 5 cc of plain yogurt each day for a week.

Yogurt is NOT ok for guinea pigs at all. If your pig needs live cultures (for example, if he is on antibiotics and needs a probiotic), you should only use the acidolpholous tablets. Dairy will upset your pig's GI and could cause diarreha.
However, I am doubting my knowledge since your vet told you to feed them yogurt... I feel your confusion Kiera.
You need to give them a probiotic, not yogurt, to help with the mushy poop. Yogurt would make it worse. Human acidophilus is fine and you can syringe it 45 minutes to an hour before the antibiotic.

Do post the name of the antibiotic asap - it's possible it's not a cavy safe AB which would compound your problem exponentially and seems like a distinct possibility given that this vet doesn't sound terribly experienced with guinea pigs.
Go to Guinea Lynx and find another vet for a second opinion. Your piggie is drinking much more water because her body is trying to keep itself hydrated. If you limit her water, she will dehydrate, because the diarrhea will not stop. Unless your water is contaminated, it has nothing to do with the cause of her diarrhea. A second opinion is definitley in order. Also, if you have a reputable rescue in the area, call and ask thier opinion. Sometimes the rescue person is very knowlegeable. That way, you have 2 dr opinions, this site, Guinea Lynx, and a rescue person. Majority rules, along with common sense. She looks OK, not distressed, so maybe you have a little time yet to try different things. Ask the dr, when you try a new treatment plan, when you should start to see improvement. If improvement doesn't happen in that time frame (antibiotics should start working in 2-3 days, for example), call back immediately so you can try something else, and the dr is updated. Good luck!
Many, many vets are not very knowledgeable about cavies. Some claim to be, but then when they say something like this, you know they are not. As everyone has stated, pigs should not have yogurt or other dairy products.

Your pigs do not actually have diarrhea. Diarrhea in pigs is basically just poop soup. The poops are not formed, like your pig's are. Your pigs have softened poops. It's possible your vet prescribed Flagyl.

the medicine she gave me is sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim. the dose is .5 cc twice a day per pig; once in the morning, then at night.

if i get the "acidolpholous tablets" how do i get my pigs to eat them? i've read to give it a little before the antibiotic and i've read to give it after; which is correct? how long should i give it before or after the antibiotics?

i have not treated them with the antibiotics yet.

also; you are saying it is not diarrhea. does this mean i do not need to give them antibiotics? do i need to just withhold veggies?
I would try withholding veggies first. I always give the probiotic before AB but either is acceptable. SMZ is a safe antibiotic but not necessary to treat mushy poo. You can also give acidophilus without the antibiotic, it might help. Get a child's oral syringe from a pharmacy and mix a capsule with water and syringe it to them twice a day. Good luck!

edit - There is nothing you are describing that warrants antibiotics; I would skip it.
okay. i just checked and neither pigs appear to have any poop mushed on their feet. i also don't see clumps of pooped smooshed together around the cage either. i think the tomato grapes i gave them yesterday were too watery and caused their poop to be very mushy.

throughout this week i'm going to find a new exotic vet who can hopefully help me with the fungal infection.

after returning from the vet, i put the pigs away. i noticed elliot had a lot of dandruff.. she's always had a little bit of it naturally, which i had checked out by a different vet last year.

my concern is she hardly had any dandruff before the vet, but after bringing her home i noticed it was all over. it looks as if someone sprinkled dust on her. what is going ON?

edit- my boyfriend just woke up. i asked if he noticed the extra white drandruff-y looking stuff on elliot. he said, "YEAH, i definitely noticed that. it wasn't like that before we went to the vet. it's all over her."
it won't let me edit, so i want to add: my vet did not wear gloves any of the visits i've had with her. she rubbed her fingers around elliot's infected ear, then held obcy, then took both of my pigs out of the room to weigh them. i didn't see her wash her hands in between handling pigs (especially because she rubbed elliot's ear), and i didn't see her wash them while in the same room as me. maybe she washes her hands while she was outside of the room, but who knows. i'm afraid elliot was exposed to something that has caused her to get a lot of dandruff/dusty looking flakes.
Good Lord! Skip this vet. My vet ALWAYS washes his hands in front of me so that I see him doing it. Basic healthcare rules are to always wash your hands between patients, otherwise you will cross-contaminate. Wonder how many other pets she handled before she was holding your pigs? (As a side note, a friend is on the board of a local rescue. She took her cat to a vet, and within days, she had a virus rip through her house-all her cats got sick, and she knows her cat got it at the vet office.)
I'm not sure what could have caused such a sudden outbreak of dandruff because of the vet not washing her hands, but would more likely suspect a stress reaction in your pig. Also if the pigs came in together and are presumably living together, there would be no reason to wash her hands between handling them unless she handled another animal in the middle of the exam.

I've never known a vet to wear gloves while doing an exam - unless holding a wild animal - it can restrict what they're able to feel on the animal's body.
elliot seems stressed whenever this vet handles her. the vet seems very rough in my eyes, but a friend of mine told me they have to be rough to keep control and to feel for any lumps or problems.

she was squealing yesterday as the vet felt around her body and rubbed her ear. elliot nibbled at the vet's thumb, and the vet rubbed her finger into elliot's nose saying, "you don't want to bite me, don't do that."

i just stood there thinking what is this lady doing why is she rubbing my guinea pigs nose like that??? elliot was pulling her face back as the vet rubbed her finger into elliot's nose/mouth area.

i'm not sure if weighing elliot made her nervous, but she looks like she ran through a pile of dust.

luckily they appear to be fine today and i haven't seen any mushy poops or any on their feet. i was so afraid the yogurt would hurt them.

i've been googling around and i THINK i found a pretty good place to take my pigs.. it's about 30 minutes away. the website appears professional and the animals they see are cats, dogs, exotics (ferrets, small birds, guinea pigs, prairie dogs), as well as small pets. they have a section on information regarding their veterinarians, so i read them. one of the vets has "special interest" in orthopedics and exotic animals and has worked with small animals for over 20 years. in an interview, he mentions he has been helping animals since he was a child and immediately went into vet school after high school. he also mentions the weirdest animal he's ever seen was an opossum- it was suffering cardiac arrest and he managed to perform surgery and save the animal. he said it was an elderly opossum and it lived another 8 months.

there is an option to e-mail the office, so i sent them an e-mail containing every detail of my experience with my previous vet as well as the problems my guinea pigs are currently suffering. i explained i am a college student on the search for an exotic vet who is very experienced with guinea pigs and can help us.

i'm really, really hoping this place can help me out and the exotic vet they have is truly experienced with guinea pigs. my fingers are crossed.
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