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Won't Eat My pigs aren't drinking !


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Apr 29, 2012
I adopted two guinea pigs (neutered male and female) saturday morning, and since they haven't been drinking water or finishing their pellets.
They do get a significant amount of veggies every morning and afternoon, and they always gobble those up, along with a few handfuls of hay each. They aren't finishing their pellets though! I give them 1/4 of a cup, and only half is gone by the next morning.
I refill the water bottle one every morning and they never drink any.
They are a year old, and the male weighs 1025 g, the female 1075 g.
should I be worried?
good for you for being such a diligent and caring new owner! my suggestions would be to weigh them daily to make sure they're not losing weight. give them UNLIMITED hay, not just a few handfuls. pellets are the LEAST important part of their diet. you might want to try to wet down the veggies before you give it to them - any extra water on the veggies will help to keep them hydrated. since you just got them saturday, they're probably still adjusting to their new home - they're very sensitive critters - it can take them some time to feel comfortable. just keep doing your best and watching! im sure others will have other ideas!
I'll start weighing daily :) I do wet their veggies down nicely before hand because I'm concerned they aren't drinking! And they do get unlimited hay, I have a nice big cereal box full of hay with wholes cut out. I have to refull it twice a day, and they eat half a box, which is a few large handfuls per pig :p They alwyays have hay available. I figuired they're still adjusting, but I don't want them to become malnourished our anything. Thanks :)
I'm also going to give them pellets in a shallower bowl, I think my current bowl might be too high for them. If they eat them all up after giving it to them in a shorter bowl then that problem is solved!
you might also want to check out the diet and nutrition forum for other ideas, tips, etc. ❤️ good luck
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