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Popcorning my piggy has started to popcorn!


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Jun 30, 2011
I was sooo happy yesterday! i have had my guinea pig since july. She is a rescue from my local SPCA and was over a year old when I got her. She was in an environment where she was constantly bred and in a very small cage. Usually when I let her out to exercise in a nice large area wtih tunnels and various hidy spots she would not move from the spot. I would put veggie treats all around so she would have to explore for treats. She has slowly been exploring her exercise area. Yesterday she was zooming around and popcorning! It was so lovely to see! I am so happy that she is finally happy!
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How sweet! What a break through for her. =D
Awww. I remember when my first pig finally popcorned after having her for about 3 months! I was so happy that she was happy. It mainly happened when I built her the C&C cage that she has now. Happy pigs= Happy pig mom/dad! :)
How sweet! I think mine do it but not when I can watch. lol I'm waiting for that day.. and Thank you for rescuing her.
So happy for you that caught your piggy popcorning! They are just so silly when they are doing zoomies and popcorning!
I adopted a 6 month old male piggie from a shelter. He was in a small cage by himself. He loves floor time and just runs around popcorning. Its the funniest and cutest thing. I could watch them popcorn all day! :)
Its so funny to watch Oreo popcorn and run his cage kinda at the same time lol when hes happy I'm happy :)
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