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Eyes/Non-crusty My piggie scratchs her one eye!


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Nov 12, 2011
my lunaria scratchs her right eye to the point that fur is coming out and that it bleeds and scabs up and i dont know why she does this or how to fix it. She eats and drinks fine and lets me touch near her eye. Their is no piggie conflict either anymore. Lunaria will rumble a little hear and there thats about it. i really need some help because today when holding her she scratched and let out a big weak as she scratched her eye.
Im really worried about my piggie?
Hmm, I'm not sure what to say. Is there something caught in her eye that she might be trying to rub out? Like hay or dust or something? Have you tried gently washing it out? Does her eye look normal or is it cloudy?
I would maybe take her in to the vet, eye problems are serious and can lead to vision loss.
Could you post a pic so we can see?
Maybe post this on Guinea Lynx too, since it's more medical oriented than this site.
She very likely has a fungal infection near or around her eye. Eye problems generally require vet visits to keep the pig from losing its eye. For the moment, you can get some artificial tears at the drug store and gently wash her eye with it, but if the itching is around the eye, the tears won't do anything to treat that. And I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending any of the standard fungal treatments for fear they wouldn't be safe if they get into her eye. I think you should get her to the vet.
I dont know any vets around me thought? her eye isnt cloudy it just has scabs around it
You need to get her to a vet.
Post the name of the city you're closest to and we'll help you find a vet. This pig needs one.
Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic and Gladstone Veterinary Clinic both have an exotics person on staff.
Please take her in asap. Eye problems are nothing to mess around with!
My lunaria went to the vet today!

She has a case of bad mites they gave her a shot and gave me some ointment that i rub on twice a day for 2 weeks but the only thing that bugs me is the vet told me to split lunaria up from my other piggie her best friend
Re: My lunaria went to the vet today!

Since they were together, you do not need to separate. The other pigs would need to be treated as well.
Re: My lunaria went to the vet today!

how do i treat them.
Re: My lunaria went to the vet today!

By the way, ditto what lissie said. :) Your other girl has already been exposed, and mites are very contagious.
Re: My lunaria went to the vet today!

You can treat the others yourself. Read the information on the links that Kathlaaron posted in post #4. You can get the ivermectin and the syringes at This Little Piggie Marketplace.
Which vet did you take her to? What did he say about her eye?
Re: My lunaria went to the vet today!

What is the ointment he gave you? Does she have wounds or bald spots?
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