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My pig doesn't touch the hay


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Dec 19, 2004
My pig doesn't seem to eat the hay... is it normal? What is the hay actually for? I gave him timothy hay...
they need hay, yours is young right? you should look for "alfalfa" hay. It has more nutrients so you piggy can grow up big&strong
I do have alfafa hay... do I mix with timothy or just alfafa... I don't think he eats it also... when during his bed time he just pushes the hay away and sleep on the newspaper
put alot around try to show hime its good or just put a peice in his mouth, if you got him from a petstore he may not have had hay before!
Is it packaged hay? Pigs seem to prefer fresh hay. Did the piggy have hay at the pet store?
So your piggy doesnt eat hay OR pellets???? I dont think this is a normal sign, especially at four months when they are supposed to eat to become strong. Miccee, please take your piggy to the vet.
Oh yes, I just asked if your pig eats his hay, and I forgot that you mentioned that he didn't. Are their exotic vets in Malaysia? Probably...
Well. sorry if I exaggerated or something... my Joojoo does eat the pellets. Just that he takes a long time to nibble off A pellet... because his mouth, I noticed, is so small... it's so much smaller than a pellet... so he had some stuff time eating, but he stills eats. About the hay... yes, I don't think the petshop gives him hay to eat... but when I hand feed him, he prefers pellets more than hay... heh... anyway, maybe he was chewing the hay but just that I didn't see it or anything.

Yes, I'm using packaged hay as in Malaysia, we hardly can find fresh ones... anyway, the timothy hay I'm using seems quite fresh... the scent is still there...
Do you think that he's getting used to the hay since he didn't have it at the pet store. Can this happen?
Well, he still doesn't seem to eat the hay... could it be that he was brought up at the petstore for 4 months without hay? And he doesn't know what is that? I tried to feed him hay buy after smelling he turned away... and went searching for pellet...
Yes, thats what I said. Maybe he is not used to it. Just keep on trying
GP loves hay. Don't worry. They will finally eat them. It is better if you can get a hay rack so that those hay can keep clean in it & won't mix with his pee.
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hay racks are really more for people;s ease at cleaning, guinea pigs LOVE running through hay and playing in it, I think you really miss out on that using a hay rack
I give hay to lie & play in (in the pigloo, a tube, a box...) & I also have a basket with hay in it, just to eat.
dagwellismypigy said:
hay racks are really more for people;s ease at cleaning, guinea pigs LOVE running through hay and playing in it, I think you really miss out on that using a hay rack
We have to buy hay from petshops as no local farm sell hay. So impossible for us to cover all area with lots of hay. We have to keep hay in hay rack, just for eating purposes.
you could just put it in a corner, i buy it from a petstore with no animals too. If its for the guinea pigs i think its important and it promotes excersize
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