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Rabbits My old girl Penny is home!!

Haha, yea we saw the piggies! I'm sure two other pigs that were in the SPCA before had the exact same names!

Also, just wondering if I can just use newspaper on the floor of the cage area? If I can it would be alot easier..but if not I'm sure I can think of a way to make the fleece easier to use!
Haha yeah, I've noticed the bunnies names and guinea pig names tend to get re-used :p And when they're in the ward area they don't even have names. So I hardly pay attention to names now.

You totally can, just be prepared for black bunny feet from the ink haha. Newspapers use vege-based ink so it's considered safe for them to eat (though, obviously not nutritional XD). It will need to be changed every day, since it doesn't take much pee to soak them through. Just experiment with what works best for you. I noticed your floor is hard (i.e not carpet), so maybe you could grab some shredded paper from local businesses (just call up a few large-ish businesses and most are happy to give it for free), and put that over the newspaper to provide a bit more absorbency. Then you could roll it all up every morning like fish and chips and vacuum any bits that escape. Really work on litter-box training them though, it's 100% do-able as long as you have the patience, and then it won't matter what you have as the bedding then since they'll just pee in the litter box :D
Just an update...we've been swapping Penny and Kenny to the other cage each night so they get use to each others smells and such..
Then a couple nights ago we did a bunny date in a room where neither had been..poor Penny was so stressed out...neither got hurt.
Last night we did another date in another room neither have been..it went better..though Penny gets a bit stressed out when Kenny came near her rump..she would lower her head as if inviting him to groom her...he hasn't.
It went much better... then the first date the night before...So this time we were able to end it on a good note with them lying besides one another.

This is so stressful for me...I'd take introducing guinea pigs over Introducing rabbits any day!
At least there is progress!
Haha yea!!

I'm getting a bit annoyed at Kenny...each time it's his turn to be out of the cage *eg free range in my room..* he keeps using my bed as a litter tray...each time I'll open up my door and there'll be a Kenny on the bed and little poohs and some wet spots.....any help?
I pick up his poohs and put them in his litter box..but he keeps going on my bed...I've just put a water proof blanket on it...*sigh*...smelly bed.
My friend has two does that are being...complicated...at the bonding situation. Have you tried putting a litter box or a specific towel/blanket on the bed with him, so he has somewhere to go?
I've tired moving things around but he just keeps going on my bed...one of the reasons we got him was because he was such a good boy at using the litter tray.....Once they're bonded I might not be able let them free range if he keeps this up...my mattress is ruined and my pillows and everything are such a mess..Penny uses her litter tray.
That's why I am thinking keep a litter tray on the bed, or keep him totally off the bed.
any ideas on how to keep him off the bed? Hes a jumper...unless I just keep him in the cage and let penny free range...but then swapping them into the others cages might be helping the bond more then I think..any ideas? :)
Try stacking stuff in the edge, to where it's super high, to high for him to jump.
They're getting along really well!

Penny usually follows Kenny around...I'm thinking about cleaning the cage putting them in it together..They've been having dates for as long as just over an hour with nothing going wrong...is it safe to put them in the cage together?

[GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!!
I would say go for it and be ready to separate if needed!! ( I don't think you will need to) just grab both buns and put them in your room with the door to the cage open

Kenny has given in and is grooming Penny's forehead!! lways thought Penny would be the boss
haha so cute
What I don't have for human friends and company I make up with animal company....I never go out shopping or hang out with friends..It's just something I don't do..I stay at home or hang out with my mum and little Bro..

I have my 8 guinea pigs:
Rex, Bubbles, Ron, Trixie, Gigi, Pluto, Pixie & Buttercup. :)

11 girl mice...
There are 3 seal points (Olive and Daisy..the other one doesn't have a name), 7 black and white ones (Panda, Jubjube, Puffles*she has only two toes on on foot*, Aotearoa, Badger, Mini Maxine and Domino) , 1 full black (Bubba), They all have names apart a seal point girly.
Sadly all are coming up to two and a half or three years..so we have a few who are getting cancers and will need to be put down when the time comes..at the beginning of this year I had 14 girl mice...the other three have already had to be put to sleep.

My rabbit Penny. :)

3 rats:
Honey Boo Boo, Tinker and Boris

I have a tropical fish tank.

That's my all my personal ones.

The house hold cats
Panther, Leo, Barney, Jessie, Snowy, Blackie and Stella.
All are de-sexed, Panther, Leo, Snowy, Blackie and Stella are feral cats we've taken in.
*Panther is my boy though...*.

A goldfish tank.

Then we're also caring for, these ones are not always staying here:

12 guinea pig's in our rescue with another two coming in the next couple of days...though hopefully one might have a home!
3 feral kittens who will be de-sexed and adopted out.
2 male mice who I'm mouse sitting for the next 5 weeks.

If we lived closer I would love to be friends with you! I have a few close friends but none of them are into animals like me. I wish I had a best friend who would sit and "do animal things" with me! I really think you should think about going to school to be a vet or vet tech! You have a lot of pets! That is awesome and it looks like they have a great home with you! I only have one guinea pug and two cats! All rescued of course!
Just an update that Penny and Kenny are now living together..there has been no fighting and all seems like it'll be okay.

[GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!![GuineaPigCages.com] My old girl Penny is home!!
They're a happy pair!
(broken link removed)
Haha I love how you named one Honey Boo Boo
First video I took the other night..have taken one more as well...

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