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My Official Introduction, Even Though I'm Not A Newbie Anymore


Cavy Slave
Sep 25, 2011
I guess I'm not such a newbie anymore, but I never really did an introduction, so I figured better late than never!

My name's QuiQui21. I was dubbed as Qui Qui by my younger cousin 4 years ago. My real name's Lilian, or Lily for short, but he (my cousin) was just learning how to talk and he couldn't yet pronounce his L's...thus I became Qui Qui. You'd think that as soon as he could say my name correctly that I'd get my name back. But apparently not. I don't really mind it when he says it, though; I think it's still cute, even though he's almost 6 and I'm a teenager now. It's sort of turned into my name around my entire family, which is a bit less cute. So I use it for all my account/user names.

Okay, so now that the story behind my name is done, I'll introduce my babies.

I adopted Sally and Kylie from a lady on Craigslist. She actually got them on New Years Eve. Can you believe that after only one day of "caring" for them, she got tired of them? Apparently, "they smelled" and "pooped too much" for her liking. I had done about a year of research, and my parents were on board with the guinea pig idea, so I was just waiting for the perfect piggies. I had to wait a while, honestly, because here in Oklahoma there aren't too many guinea pigs within the driving distance my parents were willing to drive, which was no more than 2 hours each way. The closest rescues seemed to be in Texas. But I ultimately decided to wait for a pair to be in need of rescue a little closer to home. So I set up their C and C cage and got all the supplies I needed for them. I even put the bedding in the cage. I was a little pathetic, to tell you the truth. But I was determined that I would NOT buy from a pet store. So I kept checking Craigslist. Every day. Honestly, I think that between being on here and checking Craigslist, I lived on the computer during my pre-guinea pig owning days. And then, on New Years Day, I saw the ad for re-homing two 6 month old female guinea pigs. And the re-homer lived only a few miles away from me! Convinced that this was a sign, I told my parents about the ad. They agreed to go look. When we got there, my heart literally broke into a bazillion pieces. I saw two TINY guinea pigs crammed in a TINY pet store cage that had pee-soaked carefresh on one side of the cage. The other side had a bare floor with a pigloo and a food bowl with Kaytee Fiesta food in it. There weren't any water bottles in the cage because the lady forgot to get one, but apparently to her it was fine because there was a water bowl in there. A water bowl that had poos and hay and bedding in it. There was one small hay rack filled with Kaytee "hay" (straw?) with some type of dried flower in it. In the purple pigloo were the two guinea pigs. They were definitely not 6 months old. I'd be surprised if they were 2. I knew I had to take them home. I couldn't leave them there.

So I took them home and was about to put them in their cage when I remembered I needed to check the sexes of them, just to make sure. Thankfully, as far as I could tell, neither were male. So I put them in the cage, filled their bowl with the Oxbow food I'd bought, put a pile of orchard grass in there, tossed in some hideys and cuddle cups, then left them to get acclimated. As they were settling in, I was busy dumping the sorry excuses for food and hay in the garbage can, then cutting up their veggies. I was sure that their ex-owner hadn't fed them any, so I just gave them the staples-red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, green bell pepper, and cilantro. I put down the veggies and sat to watch them. Thankfully, they eagerly took to all the food, and I left them to their munchies. Their ex-owner hadn't bothered to name them (to this day I can't figure out why she got them in the first place), so it was up to me to come up with their names. From what I could tell, the smaller, mousier looking brown and white pink-eyed one was more adventurous and wilder, if you will. I immediately decided on Kylie, since it seemed fitting for her. The other guinea pig, a slightly larger white and orange girl with huge black eyes and a black patch around her eye was harder to name. I thought Heidi was cute. My idea was instantly shot down by my two sisters. So I observed her for a while before deciding on Sally. She seemed kind of calm and laid-back, and she was really a pretty pig. So Sally seemed fitting.

Fast forward 5 months and here we are! Now when I walk into the room, my girls stand on their hind legs and screech at the top of their lungs. When I reach into the cage, they'll rub against my hand and purr. When I rustle a bag, they also stand on their hind legs and screech. (Apparently I am the equivalent of a plastic bag. We both usually bring food, as far as the pigs are concerned.) I absolutely adore them, and can't imagine life without them!

As far as my other pets, I have 2 dogs and a cat. One of my dogs is a male golden retriever named Twister that we adopted from a rescue, and the other is a Who-The-Heck-Knows-What named Ace that we adopted from the same rescue almost 6 years later (haha I'm not trying to be mean with his breed, but it's a running joke in my family. We're pretty sure he's part lab, from his coat. We are also pretty sure he's part Siberian husky, from his voice. We think he has some pitbull in him, but honestly, we don't know anything about him). Our kitty cat is black and white, and she found us. She wandered into our yard, sat down at the door, meowed for food, then stuck around. They're all such cuties, and they're really sweet, too. Don't worry, the pigs and others do not have play time together. I'm pretty sure my golden wouldn't do anything, just because he's super friendly and a scaredy cat. (Two stories for those particular situations. He found a bunch of baby wild rabbits-we live in a town but have 5 acres of wooded land as our property-and tried to play with them. He didn't even touch them, just nosed his chew toy around and bowed down on his front legs to them. It was pretty cute watching them hop around, but I figured that the bunnies were less amused, so the Twister was removed from the situation by yours truly. A month later, a mother doe and two adorable fawns took up refuge in our backyard. He was terrified and refused to go anywhere near them. It was hilarious.) But I'm sure my kitty and, um, mixed breed dog wouldn't hesitate to engage in rather ferocious play. So no play time. At all. For any of them.

Wow-my intro was waaaay longer than it was intended to be. Sorry!
But that's not even half of the stories I have to share. lol
Welcome to the forum! We need pictures!
Haha I know! I'm such a hypocrite! Whenever someone new posts, I'm always chanting Pig-tures! Pig-tures! And now I don't even have any up...for shame...
Okay. Found some pictures of my girlies.
[GuineaPigCages.com] My Official Introduction, Even Though I'm Not A Newbie Anymore
Kylie chilling on my zebra comforter.
[GuineaPigCages.com] My Official Introduction, Even Though I'm Not A Newbie Anymore
One of the pictures of Sally from my spring photo shoot.

Operation Find The Memory Card With The Pictures Of The Piggies Together So I Won't Be Charged With Favoritism Because Sally Alone Is My Avatar is a go.
Oh My. Your Sally looks like my Cin.
I can tell by your introduction that you and your family are animal lovers. Your piggy's are in good hands. Welcome to the forum.
Twins!! :) My parents are so great about putting up with all our activities and commitments. They knew I really wanted guinea pigs, but I told them that I would only want them if they were for the entire family. I'm the main caretaker out of my sisters, but my parents are primarily responsible for them. I mean, I buy their food and hay, but they bought me the cage as a Christmas gift, and they buy the veggies. And honestly, my dad sometimes acts like he doesn't like them, but I caught him the other day baby-talking to them. It was the funniest thing.
Aww, they're adorable! And Kylie's face looks just like my Snickers, only he has a bit of a yellowish brown color near his ear. Good for you for waiting and not going to a pet store! I can imagine how hard it must have been to not just rush right out and by the first one you saw.
It was indeed. But I thought of the rescue pigs, and I was like, you know what? If some rescue pigs have been waiting years for their perfect home, I can wait too.
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