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Behavior My newly adopted pigs are home. A few questions.


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Dec 14, 2011
I brought my 2 new girls home last night. They seemed to adjust fairly well. However I have a few questions.
I have not seen them drink and the water bottles are still full. I have 2 bottles. Do I need to worry about them not drinking?
They have not touched their pellets either (I am using oxbow which is what the rescue was using)
Unlimited hay... They seriosuly ate a pound of hay last night. Are they eating hay because they are nervouse or do 2 guinea pigs really eat a pound of hay a day?
And how long to I need to leave them be in their new cage before I stress them out and try to pick them up?
AND they are so messy. They are dragging hay everywhere and pooping everywhere. Are guinea pigs just messy or will they calm down when they feel more safe
I had the same water bottle problem at first. I have two teddy guinea pigs (Phoenix and Godric) When I brought them home Phoenix found the water bottle right away, but I didn't see Godric drink from it. I tried moving it and that did the trick! I would say to try putting it in a place where you see them go a lot, so if they just can't find it, they will see it whilst walking by. I have mine next to where I put there veggies, fruits, and vitamins everyday. You should wait at least 2 days before trying to pick them up, but in that time just try talking to them, so that they get used to your voice. It's kind of odd trying to think of something to talk to guinea pigs about, so I just read a book out loud. Guinea Pigs are also very messy. But after a day or two mine seemed to know there cage and now keep most of there mess in one side of it (Where there hay is. Eating makes them go to the bathroom) Hope that helps! :D
Guinea pigs are very shy, so yours are just afraid of the new surrounding. They may be stressed so they don't feel like coming out to eat or drink. Best thing you could do for now is give them time to adjust, when they look like they're comfortable in their cage you could try hand feeding them and talking to them, or just be there so they can get used to you. If you're worried about dehydration you could give them a piece of cucumber, I only suggested that because it has high water content but it has little nutrition so it's not really the ideal veggie to give every day.
Eating hay is good, they need unlimited hay to keep their gut going and to grind down their teeth.
You can pick them up if they seem comfortable with you petting them. I've had mine for months now, they're okay with me carrying them but they still get jittery and run away sometimes.
Guinea pigs are naturally messy expect spot cleaning every day. :)
ooh and if you want to give him "extra vitamins", the best you could give are ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), go ask the vet about the dosage. Mineral wheels and salt licks contain chemicals that are bad for them. Naturally (as a pet) they get their vitamins from veggies.
Some guinea pigs drink very little water since their veggies have water in them. Hay is their primary food source so keep feeding them that much. They don't need vitamins. They get their vitamin C and other vitamins from their pellets. Giving them 1/8 of a bell pepper a day guarantees them their daily dose of vitamin C. They should only be fed 1/4 cup a day each of Cavy Cuisine, which is a timothy based pellet. I usually let them calm down for a day after getting them and then start taking them out and holding them. It's a new environment and you're a predator to them so it might take a bit for them to relax. Just handle them gently and offer veggies while you hold them so they associate your hands with good things. Guinea pigs ARE messy. They're little eating and pooping machines.
Some days my boys won't drink at all, others I fill their bottle up twice. Same with their pellets. They chomp hay with the best of them and eat their veggies really well. I have always read, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that veggies and hay should be their main diet, that the pellets are there to supplication.

When I brought mine home, we left them alone for 24 hrs and then would just stick our hand in the cage for a day. After two days, they would come to sniff us and eventually started eating out of our hands. They HATE to be picked up and will still run from us, but love being cuddled.
Donnie (my Abyssinian guinea pig) didn't appear to be eating or drinking but after a day or two he ate and drank. On the third day I took him out of his cage. He is now a social butterfly. As long as they aren't super skinny, it's fine. If they are skinny feed them critical care. Try different brands of pellets and types of vegetables if they aren't eating after the first week. Good Luck! :rolleyes:
they are really fat LOL
Many piggies don't drink a lot due to the fact that their veggies have high amounts of water. Others just don't feel safe around the bottles because they are near an unfamiliar place. Try moving the bottles near the hay, or places they usually go. Because you just brought your piggies home, I don't recommend picking them up for a few days so they can adjust to their new homes. Instead of picking them up, just place your hand in their cage and offer them hay, so they can tell that hand=good. They probably won't eat from your hand until a few days, but it's going to happen soon! :)

LOL! That's great Juldga!
LOL They are 4 years old. I got them from a local rescue. I was surprised at how chubby they are and even though they dont like me yet every time they hear the fridge they start wheeking... then they run away LOL old habits die hard love my chubby piggies
Haha! IKR! My fridge isn't even loud but he can hear through the wall and know what I'm doing before I grab his veggie dish.
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