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My new piggie!! :D


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jan 12, 2012
Hey everyone!! I just got myself a new Abyssinian guinea pig and it's so cute!! It's white, brown and black, the typical piggies and I have some questions.

1: Whenever I put my fingers in front of the guinea pig, she would lick my fingers but sometimes she would bite me too!! She bit me three times in two weeks! How do I prevent that?

2: I feed my guinea pig fruits and veggies daily, but she only eats the veggies and not fruits! Is that normal?

3: I notice my piggie scratching herself a few times a day. Does she have mites? Should I give her a bath?

4: Still no name, suggestions? :D

5: Last one!! How do you upload profile pictures on this site? I can't seem to find the upload photo button...

I've had my piggie for three weeks now and she's only about 2 months old. I hope I can really bond well with her!
For pictures there is a button up here ^ that's a square with like a tree in it- click that then I pick classic uploader and choose pictures saved on my computer. I love suggesting names - but needs pictures first to get a good match! Thank you!
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