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My new CC cage


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Apr 19, 2007
Hello !

As finals week comes to a close, I decided it is time to make Chester his own CC cage. His old cage was a Marchioro that, now that I look at it, IS TINY. I spent a lot on it, so I am pretty burned...

Anyway..I went out and got a gigantic sheet of coroplast. It was so big, it barely fit in my car and I couldn't see out of my rear mirror:eek: I then went to Target and bought the Organize-its. After a lot of stress and back breaking, I finally got it all together. I was worried like crazy I would mess up the cuts:eye-poppi, but it went welllol.

The final product, to me, looks GIGANTIC. It is incredibly big, but maybe to the rest of you it will look normal. The pictures DO NOT give it justice. The only problem is that the coroplast box does not fit as well inside the cage as I would have thought it would. I used a lot of zip ties to ensure everything is tight and I had to put a top on because I have a dog. All in all, it is solid and secure and I really like it. Chester has no idea how to handle it all, hes just hiding.:confused: Heres some pics. They are small; I had to downsize them to fit on the server.

Please provide any feedback you see necessary! I value your opinions greatly.
Your cage looks great! You did a good job, I see you have the coroplast high up on the sides so no bedding can get kicked out. It looks very nice, not really any suggestions to give. Have you thought about getting Chester a buddy??
WAY TO GO! I bet Chester is in heaven! lol Those Mariocho cages are the best of the pet store cages, but NOTHING beats a C&C cage :) I just finished remodeling my boys' and girls' cages myself, today. Lets celebrate :crazy: lol :p
Thanks for the replies

Well Chester finally realized that he has this huge playground and after hours of him hiding in his tube, he started running like a nut not too long ago. He was bolting around the cage for several laps and kicked his aspen all over the place. He started hopping over his toys and jumping onto his pigloo. After about 15 minutes of that...

..he drank a lot of waterlol

He loves it and I am very glad I decided to put it together. And for the first time, he wheeks in his cage like he does on my chest, outside of his cage.

And yes, I am considering getting him a cage mate. I am currently waiting on my application I put in for a local rescue.:cool:
Sounds like Chester has learned the fun of lots of space to run and jump around. That's awesome! The cage looks really good. Lids are easy to make using wire closet shelving and cableties, so you can lift the front to get to Chester easily.

I thought the C&Cs looked huge when I built mine as well. Picture a cage twice as long as yours and you have my 2X6.
Looks great Nick! Glad to hear Chester is settling in! I was looking for a water bottle - but you said he drank loads after a round of laps - so I imagine I've just missed spottingit!

Good to hear you are adopting him a pal! Just to let you know, that you will need to build at least an extra grid in length - a 2 x 4 is recommended for two boys, but now that you've taken the plunge, and built your first c&c, it'll not be long before you start itching to build up and out, and round about anyway! lol
Looks great! Be careful, you can easily become addicted to making these cages. Mine is 55 square feet now and takes up a whole room! I am going to post pictures but I'm not sure how to get it all in the shot and still do it justice. Plus, I'm a photographer, so I can't ever just take a "snapshot"- I feel compelled to get out the strobe lights and the light meter and spend about three hours composing the shot.

You have just the right amount of toys so that he still has room to run laps, popcorn, and all the other cute stuff piggies do. I noticed the label is still on the igloo- LOL- they are so hard to get off! I spent a good half hour scrubbing mine with hot water and soap and getting very angry. With my next one, I didn't even bother trying. lol

Anyway, congrats on the new setup! Oh, and JarBax, I'm pretty sure there is a water bottle on the cage, it's just brown from what I can see, so it blends in a little.
Yours looks exactly like mine, lol. One thing I did that I am really liking is that I built a base for it so that it stands twice as high as the one level one. I left two of the front cubes open and I use it for storage. I like having my pig off the floor level a bit (easier on me when cleaning and rearranging) and it makes nice food and toy storage.
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