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Ratties My new baby girls!


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Jul 25, 2012
Monday I adopted two of the sweetest girls! I've named one Emmie and I haven't decided a name for the other one (she's extremely shy and scared, she hides in her tunnel and won't let me touch her at all). Emmie likes to sit on my shoulder and watch me on the computer. She hides in my hood when scared and falls asleep for hours on end. She crawled into my bra earlier today and it took me 10 minutes to fish her out. The best thing... she hasn't pooed or peed on me! I've had a lot of small animals and this is a first for me. I have fallen in LOVE with rats. I'm going to be getting a new cage soon, these girls were going to be feeders and the people I adopted her from gave me a crittertrail cage. They were also feeding them hamster/gerbil mix and I need to make a run to the store for some blocks. I'm sorry if I'm rambling, I love this little girl and she makes me so happy.

I will upload a picture as soon as I can, I'd rather you not see the horrible cage I have atm. I will tell you they are around 6 weeks old and Emmie is a dark grey with some white splotches on her belly. The other girl is a light grey and white and I think she's hooded? I think that's the term.
I don't know much about Ratties but they both sound adorable. The one will come around eventually. :)
Aww! That's so cute! I've had pretty good luck when it comes to peeing! :D Best on luck naming the other!
They sound adorable. I'd love to see photos. Do they have much of an odor to them?
Honestly there isn't a scent at all. They are so clean and cute. Extremely cuddly and affectionate as well. Emmie has become a shoulder hog. I walk past her cage and she climbs up the bars until I open it up. She immediately heads to my shoulder and crawls into my jacket hood. I've had all sorts of small pets, and rats are my favorite by far. I've had guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, sugar gliders, birds and I'm sure more that I can't think of. Such HUGE personalities. I am in love XD
Welcome. I love rats. My daughter had them for many years. Check out ratsrule.cothere are alot of rat members here on the forum. Cant wait for pictures
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