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My name is sue how do you do?


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Mar 11, 2012
I have three pigs 1 male, "Cosmo" (his head hair is like Kramer on Seinfeld), and two females, "Zsa-Zsa" and "Ava" (the Gabor sisters). I call Cosmo my "little dog with no legs" because he's so friendly, outgoing and has personality plus!:D The two females are newer--we're still getting aquainted. I also have a chinchilla, "Ricochet" and a hamster, "Dolly". I got into this after 20 years with no pets. I had a siamese cat for twenty years and planned on getting another cat. I'm a teacher, and it took a while to convince my husband, so by the time he gave the OK, I was heading back to school and I did'nt think it wise to get a kitten and then leave it alone all day. I lost my soul mate sister to cancer last April and for some reason I had a strong pull toward getting another pet. As I was gazing longinly at the cats in a pet shop, Cosmo caught my eye and I remembered what fun I had with my wonderful childhood pig. Plus he was on sale, only $9.99 (he was getting older--4 months and apparently they wanted him to move on.) When I asked how old he was, they brought out his papers and he was born on the day my sister passed. I had a good laugh with her playing this joke on me as if I would think she was reincarnated into a guinea pig (I speak to her often, she makes me feel her presence all the time--but I digress). Well the rest is history. I got Cosmo on the spot and Ricochet about a month later. Then came Dolly, and now the two cuties just this week. I am happy I found this site. I am hooked on small animals (but I MUST stop now!) They make me happy and my husband calls it my little zoo. So long!
Welcome to the forum
What a wonderful story and coincidence, welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum. What a wonderful story. Pictures when you can! We love pictures here.
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