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Pregnancy My "male" guinea pig might be pregnant?

Oh my God they are so freakin cute!! I just wanna snuggle em all !! Glad everything went well, they are beautiful !!!!
Awww for some reason I can't see any of the pigtures but congratulations just the same! I've been following this post from the start and am so glad that mother and babies are doing well.
Congrats on the new additions! They are adorable :)
I kept checking yesterday and just came to check my messages today and thought-yippee, they're here!
So excited for you and they are super adorable! enjoy!
Thank you guys for all the good wishes! The babies are doing GREAT still cute and superr talkitive lately. As for keeping a baby I still have to talk to my parents about it. Although I plan on moving out soon I still have to discuss it with them. I THINK (you guys know my sexing skills lol) theres two boys and a girl. I already have homes for two and hopefully I can keep the third(the girl). I'm working on editing the birth video so that It will fit to youtubes standards.

My "male" guinea pig might be pregnant?

The little girl:
My "male" guinea pig might be pregnant?

If I sexed them right.... even though it's really early. We decided to sex them for fun.
Awwwww-so stink'n cute!
OH WOW, are they ADORABLE !! Congratulations !! Oh I just love babies so much. I love all their beautiful markings too, I can't decide which one I like best, they are all so equally cute ! I am so happy to hear Charlie had a safe delivery and the babies are all healthy ! Thank you so much for sharing your pigtures !!
They are so cute!! I sure missed a lot last night. Congratulations!!
AHHH. They are so cute and little!! I'm glad you found homes for them!! SO CUTE!! I LOVE the newest pictures you put up. They are so darn teeny. Crazy to think that two of them can fit in your hands!
I just love your brown and white abby. I know I won't be adding any pigs anytime soon since I have five less than 2 years old, but I swear my next has to be like him! They're beautiful. Can't wait to see the video, and you should post more pictures :)
CONGRATULATIONS piggie Dad!! such a relief all went well and Charlie has healthy babies she can care for. They are so beautiful and will have had such a perfect start to life - they look so comfortable to be held!

How's real Dad doing? did he behave any differently when she was birthing? or what did he do when he smelt his new lives in the world?
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I love the orange face with white nose Abby looking one on top! So precious! Congrats!
I love the orange face with white nose Abby looking one on top! So precious! Congrats!
Awh my little Frankie! I think Sammie looks so much like Archie in this picture! I really hope your parents let you keep her since I'm going to have Frankie. :)
Congrates on being a grandma! I love you! hehe
They are so cute !! Oh my gosh...that lil girl just stole my heart!! Congrats again :)
Such beautiful babies! I am glad that everything went well!
aww there all so cute! the little girl is my favorite :love:
Everyone seems to love the little brown one lol. Lots of people have been trying to fight stephaniedrew for him for a while now. The babies lovee being held and will come to my hand and sit there when I pick them up. Archie didn't really noticed that she was giving birth seeing as he's in a different cage now. I did let him see the little ones the next day and he sniffed them and gave them a little rumblestrut. He's always been really dominate towards all the other pigs. He's never gotten into a fight with any of the pigs though. He gets neutured next wed. I have more pictures in my album if anyone would like to see them!
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