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How Much? My guinea pigs were overfed while I was gone


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Mar 16, 2011
Yesterday I was gone almost the whole day (until 6 pm). I was going to give them floortime/free-range time when I got back, but my mom would feed them food pellets (in the morning), vegetables (in the afternoon), and hay (all day). However, when I got back, there was food, hay, and lettuce scattered all around the cage. I was really confused because my guinea pigs never leave any vegetables or pellets, they eat it all! Turns out my grandma, whose visiting, gave it to them. I then gave them floortime and cleaned their cage (because it was a mess!) I also told my grandmother not to give them anything but more hay. Today, I noticed the food pellets given to them in the morning was left untouched. First, I thought my grandma had given them more food after my mom gave it to them, but she said she didn't. So I think they were just full from the day before. Should I keep giving them the same amount of food until they eat it or should I give them less? Should I keep the amounts of vegetables the same too? And do I take out the pellets if they don't eat it? If so, when?
They need, per pig per day, 1/8 cup of pellets, 1 cup of veggies, and unlimited long strand grass hay. Just keep feeding them that, regardless of what they had yesterday. They have to keep their GI tracts moving, and it doesn't help to withhold food.
Exactly what bpatters said. Think about yourself - after having an indulgent day, you still need to eat like normal the next day or you wont have the energy you need and you wont feel well. One day of indulging wont set the piggies up for obesity.
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