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Behavior My guinea pigs are scared of me :(

Emma May

Cavy Slave
Jan 5, 2012
I just got 2 new female guinea pigs 1 is 4 weeks old today and the other is 5 weeks old and i've had them for a week or so now i try and bring them out and handle them everyday but they both are scared and run away from me when i try to pick them up and when i have them on my lap they just try to get back to their cage, and seem really afraid.
I try to give them a treat when their on my lap but they refuse to eat food that i hand feed them. Also when i walk past their cage they run into their hut :sad:

Does anyone know any tips on getting them to bond with me or to like me more? :sad:
Babies are usually like this. It takes time and patience to tame them. They may never like to be petted or willingly be picked up, but in time you will gain their trust. Work on hand feeding treats. Get them used to your hands in the cage, doing daily cleaning, etc. Eventually they will come around.
It took me about 3 weeks to bond with my Poppy. He came to me in this tiny cage, so I built him a run. I would sit in the run and talk softly to him. Scooting closer to him slowly. I also bribed him with food.

Good luck!!!!!
That's because you are like a GIANT and they think you will eat them! ;)
I am serious though. it takes time for any prey animal to adjust and trust it's owners. Some pigs will never really feel comfortable with big hands reaching in for them-it's just their instincts kicking in for survival.
I've had my pigs for over a year and they are a bonded pr. One will come right up to me and sniff and let me pet her. The other has always been more skittish and while I can pet her, she still often runs away at first and won't get picked up willingly. Once I have her she's a big softie in my lap and loves it, but the process is stressful for her.

So you just need to give it time. Consistency is key. Talk to them softly and be around them as much as possible. Reach your hand in with a treat/food but let them come to you, don't reach for them. If they don't come, just leave the treat. Repeat this over and over.
Having them walk into a cuddle cup or small box and then picking it up is often successful and less stressful for them too.
It could take weeks but patience will win out :)
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