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My guinea pigs are my therapy


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Cavy Slave
Mar 27, 2005
Since bringing Blizzard home. I've been giving my guinea pigs even more attention than before. If you've read my recent posts in the café. You know my fiancé recently moved out to figure out things. She's taking the cats with her on Monday and it'll just be the boys and I until she figures out what she wants. So, let's just say the boys are getting so much love they don't want me to pick them up as much. They look at me and go: "Oh no, he wants more love. Run!" Oh well, it makes me feel better.
Hey man, that's really rough. Sorry to hear about that. When my wife's gone I give Henry a lot more attention than normal (we still give him a lot of attention though :) Usually sits on my lap when I'm playing video games :D

Good luck with your fiance though.
Whenever am I having a bad day, singing the Piggie pig song to hear my boys wheak puts a smile on my face. Animals are angels in fur/feathers/fins in my opinion. :)
I don't drink or smoke. I have piggies! They keep me sane.
I love waking up to them screaming my name *in their own piggie voice of course!
I agree. My piggy- and all animals, are my therapy and anti-drug. They're my source of unconditional love and company whenever I need it. I go to them when I'm stressed, bored, sad, etc.
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