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Sounds My guinea pig vibrates when I stroke her?


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Jan 18, 2012
I got my guinea pig, Audrey two days ago. When I stroke her she vibrates.. does this mean she likes it or she's scared...? It's especially when I stroke her ears and under her chin, but normally when she doesn't like me stroking her chin she pushes my finger away.. so what do you think she's doing this for? o.o it's weird. Also, she kicks me when I'm putting her down.. why does she do this? Hahaa! I always feel like I'm doing something wrong because I'm new to guinea pigs. (Btw I know about keeping them in pairs, we're collecting her friend tomorrow)
She likes what you are doing. I have two that do it, Ben and Bacon, but Ben does it all time.

Ben purring - YouTube
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