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Aggression My guinea pig is always annoyed at me?


Cavy Slave
Nov 2, 2011
Okay, so here's a little background information...

I got Bobby about 6 months ago. He is around 1 year old right now. When I first got him, he was really shy and scared of me. About 2 months later, he finally started to get used to me. I still had trouble picking him up because he would always run away from me, but once he got on my lap he was fine.

For the past 2 weeks, he has been really grumpy. He always chatters his teeth at me frequently, and he doesn't like being pet. For example, he always chatters his teeth at me when I try to pick him up. I don't think he is scared of me anymore; just annoyed. He also doesn't like being pet anymore; he always headbutts my hand away when I try to pet him. What's really strange was one time, I was petting him and he was enjoying it (I could tell because he was all stretched out and relaxed) and then he looked at me right in the face and started chattering his teeth. I'm very confused because 1 second, hes popcorning, and then 1 second later he is being aggressive towards me.

What is causing him to do this? I'm confused!
Pigs have different personalities, some don't like being petted in certain places, while others just don't want to be touched. Why not try feeding him on your lap? He'll get the idea that good things happen during lap time.
For the past 2 weeks, he has been really grumpy. He always chatters his teeth at me frequently, and he doesn't like being pet.

What is causing him to do this? I'm confused!

Since his behaviour seems sudden, and your bond with him seems to have regressed backwards, let me ask you a few questions, and see if I can help you sort this out, o.k. ? :)

1. Has Bobby been scratching excessively ?

2. Does Bobby have any patches of hair loss ?

Here is a short exerpt, of what the medical site guinea lynx has to say on the signs of a possible mite infestation, below.

Signs: These species specific microscopic mites cause unbearable itchiness for the animal and can result in thinning and/or patchy loss of hair, scurfing of the skin (may resemble dandruff) and eventually, open sores as a result of extreme scratching and biting which aggravates the hair loss. Scratching an area of skin infested by mites by hand may produce such pain and irritation in your cavy that it looks like it's having a fit. A guinea pig suffering from mites may become less friendly and be reluctant to interact with its owner.

Here is the whole link, please take the time to read the whole page, it is totally worth your investment of time ! https://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html

I REALLY loved reading the guinea lynx's Director's experience on mange mites too, here below is that link too, in case you miss it. Her written experience, and detailed account, really sums things up quite well !


Some other possible reasons to consider, think about.

3. Does Bobby have a cagemate ? I wonder if he might be lonely....how much time are you able to spend with him each day ?

If you are not able to interact with him and hold him several times a day ( most people cannot do this due to work, school, or both...ect..ect) then adopting/rescuing a buddy for him, is what he might need most from you at this point.

Have you read about the guinea pigs social life on cavy spirit ? Here is the link:

Guinea Pigs Social Life

Once in awhile, my girls give off signals that they just "aren't in the mood", for my love and company. It's not a common occurence though, only once in a while. For the most part, they enjoy our company and enjoy being pet and cuddled and kissed !!

For now...those are the only things I can think of to start the ball rolling to help you figure out what has been going on with him the last 2 weeks. Try to think about things from "his" perspective.

Has his "world" his environment-- changed in any way, starting 2 weeks ago ? Are you in the middle of a move ? Any home renovations, which would cause a lot of noise ?
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