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Vegetables My guinea pig does not like veggies?


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Nov 18, 2011
My piggie only likes pellets (rabbit pellets) and sometimes nibbles on hay. Every morning I give her a salad but she never eats it. She likes carrots and cucumbers but thats it. Hates bellpeppers, brocoli, anykind of leaves, etc. I also read in some posts that sometimes they just need another friend to learn from. Maybe if I get another piggie that eats veggies, she will also eat it? In my country (Costa Rica) we don't have guinea pig pellets, so I'm concerned she isn't getting enough vitamin C. BTW she's 4 weeks old. Any advice would be great !
First of all you need to get guinea pig pellets, NOT rabbit pellets. They have different nutritional needs, therefore a different type of pellet.

Whenever I introduce a new veggie that my pig does not like, I chop it very fine and mix it in with her pellets (one day's serving) and she eats it every time. She will also then eat it with her regular salad once she has gotten used to the taste of the new veggie.

Getting her a firend may help .. and even if it doesn't help, guinea pigs are herd animals and are better off in pairs. Getting another one would make your pig much happier. Make sure they are the same gender of course.

Good luck and keep trying : )
I know it's not ok to give her rabbit pellets, but I am pretty sure they don't sell them in my country because guinea pigs are not very requested over here. But I will buy them online and ship them here.
That's a great idea, I will try it tomorrow and see how it goes :)
I will definitely get her a friend to play with when I'm not home.

You can get plain vitamin C tablets at a drug store. Don't get a multi-vitamin, just plain vitamin C.

Crush the tablet, and sprinkle a little on something she'll eat -- the cucumber, maybe. If she eats that, great! You're home free.

If she won't eat it, then you need to get a syringe without a needle from a pharmacy -- tell them it's for feeding a pet if they don't want to sell it to you. You can offer for them to keep the needle if that will get the deal done.

Crush the vitamin C tablet very fine between two spoons, dissolve it in a couple of teaspoons of water, and feed it to her with the syringe.

Don't put the vitamin C in her drinking water -- it loses its effectiveness in less than an hour, and makes the water taste funny. Sometimes pigs quit drinking altogether if there's vitamin C in the water.

While the rabbit pellets aren't the greatest thing in the world, they can be fed if you can't get any other kind and if she's not eating vegetables. But I'd work really hard to get her to eat a good variety of vegetables, and then if you still don't have a supplier for guinea pig pellets, you could put her on a HAFF (hay and fresh foods) diet.

Since she's so young, she needs extra calcium. Ordinarily you'd give her that by giving her alfalfa pellets made for young, pregnant and nursing cavies. But you don't have those, so you need to teach her to eat things with extra calcium in them. Parsley is good, as is kale. Read the "read me" sticky on the Diet and Nutrition forum, and you can find several high calcium foods that would be good for her. When she's about six months old or so, you can switch her back to a diet with more normal calcium levels.

The hay is the most important part of her diet. If she's eating pellets but not hay, then limit her pellets to about 1/4 cup per day. The hay will keep her back teeth ground down and her digestive tract moving, and the pellets won't do that.

Good luck with her, and let us know how you get on.
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